Promentor Solutions: Learning languages with the Moomins is child's play

Anu Guttorm's own children inspired her to design a language learning game for preschoolers. Aiming directly at the international market, the service relies on the charm of the Moomins combined with high educational quality and digitality. The game – a winner of the eEemeli 2015 quality award – was partly funded by Tekes.

When it comes to languages, Anu Guttorm knows the best ways to learn. Guttorm and her father are the owners of Promentor Solutions Oy, a Finnish pioneer in the field of digital language learning. In 2014, the company expanded to include the Moomin Language School for children. Guttorm says that the inspiration to develop the learning solution was sparked by her own children.

"Early development of language skills has such a wide-ranging impact on a child's future that the opportunity should not be missed by any parents. Research suggests that multilingual children have better self-confidence and ability to concentrate than monolingual children. Learning a new language at the preschool age comprehensively prepares the child to learn many kinds of new skills. It helps children acquire first-class analytical and social skills. Multilingual adults also have an advantage in our global world. These were our starting points for developing a service for the international market, based on high-quality Finnish educational expertise and an innovative learning method. Our method is a flexible combination of digitality, individual game-based learning and group learning through shared play," she says.

The Moomin philosophy guides child-oriented learning

The Moomin Language School offers a smooth combination of gaming, pedagogy and a strong brand. The solution is rooted in an ideology familiar from both the world of the Moomins and Finnish educational practices: children learn by playing in a safe environment, supported by a parent and a familiar teacher.

The game grows with the child. The child plays on a tablet, while parents and teachers use separate online tools to monitor and guide the child's learning.

"When the child is playing, she is always offered a chance to succeed. This prevents frustration and a loss of motivation. We are of course monitoring the number of mistakes, to be able to repeat the challenging points. The child is guided in a positive manner," Guttorm says.

Although the learning material is currently directed at preschool-aged children, it suits everyone who is beginning to learn English.

Successful language school developed under the Learning Solutions programme

The product development of the language school received funding from Tekes. The start-up project was part of Tekes's Learning Solutions programme. The funding enabled long-term work that paid off in the eEemeli 2015 quality competition, where the Moomin Language School was selected as the best digital learning solution of the year.

"I firmly believe in the international success of the product and the service. It has sparked interest all around the world," says a confident Guttorm. She also praised the Pitch training organised in the autumn of 2014 that prepared start-ups to present their ideas at the Slush start-up conference.

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Text: SST Viestintä

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