MediSapiens dominates genetic information

MediSapiens was born out of a thesis and has risen to the leading software developer for biological data management and visualization. With Tekes funding, the system solution will be extended to fit the needs of biobanks.

It all started in 2003 with the presentation of Sami Kilpinen doctoral thesis to Olli Kallioniemi, Professor of the Academy of Finland. During the process, Kilpinen developed GeneSapiens database solution, which made it possible to investigate the data of already known human genes. The business world became interested in a multidisciplinary project and MediSapiens was built around GeneSapiens in 2009. The company's CEO Kilpinen, says that MediSapiens services are based on one scalable IT system, which can be applied to many different customer angles.

"Our solution is intended for the management of bioinformatics and data visualization. For many years we have built software suitable for the Bio-IT world, which can manage, for example, the genome data. As the world of science undergoes constant changes, we offer our customers the semi-finished solution which is integrated into their own system", explains Kilpinen.

With Tekes' assistance towards a wider market area

On a Finnish scale, the MediSapiens has a prominent position in the pharmaceutical industry. Once the company was established, it immediately moved to the international market and its offices can now be found in Europe and the United States. Tekes has helped the company in internationalisation.

"The fact how quickly we have attained everything is an achievement in itself. In the past three years, the largest operators in this sector have been bought out and it puts us now in an interesting position", says Kilpinen.

The company will continue to strongly provide services to the pharmaceutical industry, but would also like to expand its customer base in the future to the personalised medicine and healthcare. The solutions to this effect have been designed with Tekes' assistance, among other things. Kilpinen is grateful to the Tekes BioIT programme and says that it has contributed significantly to the development of the main system. Big data and analytics were created in the project within the programme, which allowed us to move to larger markets.

"We were provided with a modified base for our system, so that we can expand our operations to the biobank world. We added, among other things, a section where big data masses can be entered semi-automatically. In addition, we built the clinical data analysis", says Kilpinen. We have already taken some steps towards the biobank aspect.

Animal genetics research – a prelude to a greater phenomenon

MediSapiens works in partnership with Finnish Genoscoper who offers services in animal DNA diagnostics. Kilpinen states that this collaboration provides an excellent opportunity to be among the first to explore how the DNA diagnostic services could be applied to humans.
"Currently, we are Bio-IT solution provider to the MyDogDNA service for pet dogs that helps pet owners and breeders to get information on genetic inheritance in animals and health factors. For us, this is not a curiosity, but the first step to the patient platform. The world however is rapidly moving towards a more personal level of service", says Kilpinen.

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Text: SST Viestintä

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