Lentävä Liitutaulu: Mobile game brings lessons to life

A learning solution by software developer Lentävä Liitutaulu Ltd enables a teacher and her pupils to create a mobile game together, combining pedagogy, community values and the versatile use of mobile technology.

In 2011, history teacher and teacher tutor Riku Alkio visited Rome with a group of upper secondary school students. They decided to explore the city using a game in which students visited different historical sights.

"I have never seen students so enthusiastic to learn. Encouraged by this experience, two teacher colleagues and I decided to set up a company specialising in game pedagogy in 2012," Alkio says.

He is confident that learning games are here to stay. This is also evident in the new curriculum that will enter into force in autumn 2016.

"The Seppo learning platform is cutting-edge technology. The new curriculum ensures that information and communications technology will play an increasingly important role in schools," Alkio adds. Previously known as SmartFeet, the platform adopted its new name in the spring of 2015.

Easy and adaptable game for all school levels

Using the Seppo learning platform, teachers can build an interactive game tailored for their students. The flexible platform is suitable for all subjects at all school levels. Primary school pupils can play in the school yard, while upper secondary school students roam the city.

"The platform brings lessons to life in a concrete way. Because a teacher's time is limited, the product is as easy to use as possible," Alkio says.

Urheilupuiston koulu, a secondary school in Mikkeli, Finland, began testing the Seppo platform in early 2015.

"We organised a theme day and created a game combining history, languages and physical education with the pupils. The pupils gave us plenty of positive feedback. In the history class, we discussed imperialism in Africa by playing a board game. We also used the platform in our life stance education test: pupils took the test and the teacher marked it in real time," says teacher Janne Elo.

"I am sure that we will use Seppo more often in the future. The platform is very easy to use and creating games is a breeze," Elo says.

Tekes supports exports

Tekes has played a key role in the growth of Lentävä Liitutaulu Ltd.

"In our Tekes project, we tested the platform with European schools. The pilots were extremely important when seeking out potential clients," Riku Alkio says.

Supported by Tekes, the company was able to participate in Slush, Europe's largest start-up conference. The Learning Solutions programme also helped the company to understand how schools operate in different countries.

"We now know which countries could use our solution and where the school system is not yet ready for it. We are engaged in a continuous product development process. Our next step will be to enter the European market before heading for the US," says Alkio, describing the company's plans.

Further information

CEO Riku Alkio
riku.alkio (at) seppo.io
Tel. +358 50 531 8044

Text: SST Viestintä

Pia Mörk