Kasauma Education: Game-based learning solution challenges learningbooks

Teachers are always faced with the challenge of finding smart, easily implemented contents for their pupils who are born IT users. A new learning solution for pupils aged 9–12 (3rd to 6th years of primary school) combines textbooks, educational videos, assignments, exercises and games on a tablet.

The Keeduu learning solution for the iOS operating system, created by Kasauma Education Oy, combines several learning methods. Mari Kilpeläinen, a former teacher, was inspired to create the game by looking at her own children.

"My sons play Clash of Clans. In order to proceed in the game, they need to acquire the tools they need. I thought this would also work in the field of educational games. Children play anyway. Why not benefit from it? I found my team at the business incubator of the Joensuu Science Park, and we launched our business in the autumn of 2014. Our vision was to create a game-based learning solution that would replace textbooks. Our first pilot is now complete," says Kilpeläinen, describing the first steps of the business. The start-up currently employs Kilpeläinen, another teacher, a product developer and a coder.

Keeduu's learning modules

Keeduu is built around sets of themes within a single subject, called modules. The first module, 3rd year geometry, was published as a Keeduu pilot in the SciFest event in April 2015. It contains geometry learning videos and assignments that pupils can solve by writing, drawing or taking photographs. Their solutions are conveniently stored in the cloud.

Kasauma next aims to expand the Keeduu offering to cover 4th through 6th year mathematics and later theoretical subjects such as biology, history, geography and languages. The company aims abroad, and is currently translating module contents into English.

Keeduu is not only a learning solution but also a game where players proceed from one level to the next. To move forward in the game, the players must acquire tools and equipment. These can be purchased with a token earned by completing exercises.

Upwards and onwards with Tekes's support

The paths of Tekes and Kasauma crossed in 2014 when Kilpeläinen met Suvi Sundquist, Learning Solutions Programme Manager at Tekes. According to Kilpeläinen, this had a major impact on the company.

"Suvi liked the idea and encouraged us to introduce our idea to Tekes. We were accepted into the Learning Solutions programme in November of the same year, and threw ourselves into hard work. We would not have been able to create our pilot without Tekes's funding – or at least it would not have been as good as it is now. It was wonderful to see that others had faith in our idea, too," says a happy Kilpeläinen.

"Many people have said that this is exactly what has been needed. Our product will become commercially available in the spring of 2015. We expect to receive feedback that will help us to develop the product further. In the future, we will also release Keeduu for Android," says Kilpeläinen.

Further information

Mari Kilpeläinen
mari (at) kasauma.com
Tel. +358 50 599 1039

Text: SST Viestintä

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