Solarch: Innovation for next-generation home and self-care

A customer-oriented approach gave birth to the online health service that lets its users store and update their family members' health information online, and the information can then be used in emergency and home care.

Factors such as the ageing of the population and mobile lifestyles are shaping health care services to focus on self-care. This development was picked up on by Alireza Hasanpour, whose company Solarch Ltd launched the ActiveMEDI online service in the autumn of 2014. The service provides tools for monitoring the health care of the whole family.

"I got the idea for online health care services after my father fell ill. As a family member, I suffered from not knowing what was being done to treat my father. The matter became concrete when I had to call an ambulance for my father. The paramedics had no knowledge of his illness, and I was unable to explain it to them. These experiences were consolidated into a business plan in November 2012," Hasanpour says.

ActiveMEDI takes the needs of patients and family members into consideration in a novel way

Hasanpour, who has worked in R&D and other management positions at Nokia, stresses that self-care is a trend that cannot be ignored. ActiveMEDI is composed of three solutions: The health database, ICE (In Case of Emergency) emergency solutions, and Care nursing monitor. All services are based on the philosophy of self-care.

The heart of of the service is the health database from which users can access their family members' health information, including inoculations, prescriptions, illnesses and attacks, with a tablet or smart phone. The service is translated into Swedish and English.

"Since we live in an information society, we must take care to carry our critical information with us. For example, I am always able to accurately describe my son's drug allergies no matter where we are, since I carry the information in my pocket," says Hasanpour, explaining the service's benefits.

ActiveMEDI services are being developed in active cooperation with patients' associations and health care professionals. The ICE service, for instance, has been developed together with the Alzheimer Society of Finland and Chief Physician Tom Silfvast, who is best known as a founding member of the Medi-Heli helicopter ambulance service.

Cooperation with institutions such as KELA made possible by support from Tekes

In the future, ActiveMEDI WithME will be integrated with the service of Finland's social security institution KELA, which will further facilitate the transfer of health and prescription information into the online service. The healthcare database lets citizens update their information on a daily basis, which enables procedures such as blood pressure monitoring. Tekes has provided funding to support the development of the interface, and users will soon be able to transfer information from into the ActiveMEDI service using electronic identification. This successful project was immediately followed up by a second Tekes project.

"We have recently been developing a next-generation ActiveMEDI Care service. We used the funding from Tekes to conduct a pilot project, which was a resounding success. The pilot also gave us a new partner in the Stella home care company. Our relationship with Tekes has been very fruitful indeed," Hasanpour rejoices.

He says that Tekes also played a significant role in the company's move to the international market. The company vision is to be the best operator in the online and self-care sectors.

"We want to assume a pioneering role and use our solutions to bring a customer-oriented approach to the nursing sector. At present, we are active in the Nordic countries and will soon expand into Europe. From there, we hope to continue to the United States and Middle East. The message of our services is the same regardless of country: take charge of your own health," Hasanpour concludes.

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Text: Maija Salonen/SST
Photo: Jari Härkönen

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