Claned Group: A social online learning tool places users in learning clans

The new Finnish online learning tool could almost be renamed the 'Facebook of learning'. It identifies the various factors that affect learning and recommends the learning materials suitable for each user. It also functions as a social learning space enabling users to monitor the progress of their studies.

Claned Group Oy has developed CLANED, a personalised online learning space that supports each user's individual learning style and encourages independent study, social collaboration and sharing. According to CEO Mervi Palander, the idea behind the service was to create an individual space for each user, enabling them to study independently but also to find similar users and the learning materials recommended by them anywhere on the Internet.

"Our idea of creating an adaptive learning environment was inspired by the desire to gather information scattered throughout the Net into one place. On the other hand, we wanted to provide new tools enabling users to monitor their own development and, for example, identify factors affecting their motivation," Palander explains.

Analytics developed in partnership with universities

Targeted at K12+ school levels, CLANED also adapts to out-of-school learning situations. Palander wants the solution to support the philosophy of lifelong learning. The system also analyses the functionality of learning materials.

"The system analyses the materials used and any comments and underlines made, and uses this information to create suggestions for recommended materials", Palander says.

In the cloud-based CLANED system, learners are part of a learning community referred to as a clan. Palander explains that the system uses a number of parameters to determine which learning group each user represents. The highly advanced analytics were developed in partnership with universities. Thanks to its academically approved indicators, the tool also recommends learning materials suitable for each user. In addition to universities, Palander highlights Tekes's Learning Solutions programme as a key partner for the Claned Group.

"We applied for Tekes funding for the development of our system and obtained an excellent partner in the form of the Tekes Learning Solutions programme. The programme does invaluable work on behalf of our sector," Palander says.

Renamed from tribe to clan

Previously known as TribaLearning, the company changed its name to the Claned Group in 2015. This was due to similarities with a competing brand. Like the old name, the new name builds strongly on a key characteristic of the company: dividing users into learning groups.

"Our pilots are progressing well and our next step is to enter the markets. At the moment, we are strengthening our international retailer network and opening doors globally. We are now in the fast lane," Palander enthuses.

Further information

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Text: SST Viestintä

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