Tabletkoulu: A mobile tool for teaching and managing learning materials

Tabletkoulu, a Finnish digital e-learning company, has developed a solution to accommodate for future curriculum needs: an electronic tool for learning, evaluation, lesson planning and managing learning materials.

Tabletkoulu's comprehensive learning and teaching solution provides elementary, middle and secondary school materials based on the Finnish National Curriculum Framework, spiced up with relevant Internet content. Courses are based on modern, technology-enhanced teaching methods such as phenomenon-based learning, gamification, and collaborative and self-directed learning.

"The teaching and learning business has been slower to tap into the digitalisation trend than other industries. The trend is to adopt electronic learning materials, but these materials are fairly useless if the implementation is poorly planned and executed. Tabletkoulu's solution is not based on or restricted by traditional learning materials; instead, our entire concept is built for the electronic environment," explains CEO Oskari Lehtonen.

Even though the name of the solution includes the word 'tablet', the service runs on both mobile and desktop devices.

Solutions for students and teachers

The idea behind the Tabletkoulu solution was to develop a service that allows teachers and students to communicate with each other. According to Mr Lehtonen, product development was inspired by the concept of overall understanding.

"In the service we provide, teachers can check homework, assess student performance, and have discussions with students. Students can complete exercises, make notes and perform self-review. What teachers consider one of the biggest advantages of the service is the student assessment data it gathers. This data offers teachers an opportunity to evaluate students' learning at a glance," Mr Lehtonen points out.

Tabletkoulu's solution offers a number of advantages: it is a versatile, state-of-the-art learning tool with a competitive price.

"By offering an electronic test and examination feature, our solution is paving the way for the future matriculation examination. It also takes special needs into account. Today, 10 per cent of students no longer cope in a group. We offer them individualised learning opportunities," Mr Lehtonen concludes.

Becoming a major player with Tekes' assistance

Tabletkoulu launched operations in autumn 2014, and in a short time the company was able to persuade 1,000 of Finland's 3,000 schools to test its solution. Cooperation with Tekes enabled the quick market entry, according to Mr Lehtonen.

"Our Tekes projects focus on internationalisation and product development. Through the Learning Solutions programme, we were able to attend a presentation trip to California and participate in the Slush event. These trips and events have significantly expanded our contact network," Mr Lehtonen enthuses.

The company's hard work is producing results: the service is receiving positive feedback from users and attracting attention worldwide.

"We have invited international publishers to Finland to learn more about our service. I believe Tabletkoulu will be a major player in dozens of markets and one of the industry leaders," Mr Lehtonen envisions.

Further information

Oskari Lehtonen
oskari.lehtonen (at)
Tel. +358 400 794458

Text: STT Viestintä

Pia Mörk