Suomen Rehu has developed a resin-based product for use in supporting animal welfare

Suomen Rehu developed its Progres® product from pine resin. The product can help reduce the worldwide use of antibiotics in the livestock industry and facilitate the production of more natural and safer food stuffs than ever before. Progres® benefits livestock producers, the food industry, and consumers alike.

With its newest product, Suomen Rehu has achieved a world-first in refining pine-resin into animal feed. The company is manufacturing the product in partnership with Forchem Oy.

"In scientific testing, Proges® has been shown to reduce the development of harmful Gram+ bacteria and support the wellbeing and improved growth of poultry", says Director of R&D Juhani Vuorenmaa who is responsible for the product's development.

Among other things, Gram+ bacteria can cause enteritis, diarrhoea, and stunted growth in animals. High incidence of this bacteria in animals can also increase the risk of people being infected by antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA.

Finland – Forerunner in innovative feeding solutions

Progres® benefits livestock producers, the food industry, and consumers alike. The product has been scientifically proven to support the wellbeing and growth of poultry, to be safe to use as animal feed, and its production has been shown to be profitable.

Thanks to feed innovations such as Progres®, Finland is leading the way towards more durable, antibiotic-free meat production; providing consumers with cleaner, safer, and more natural livestock products than ever before.

Tekes has been part of the journey

Suomen Rehu's latest innovation was developed in the Bioaktiiviset rehuparanteet (Bioactive Feed Solutions) 2008-2011project, part of Tekes' BioRefine programme. Tekes has also funded some of Suomen Rehu's previous R&D projects on the development of natural methods for improving intestinal health in animals. These projects have resulted in the development of the Progut® export product as well as the acquisition of expertise on intestinal functions, microbiology, and immunology. This competence has also been applied in the development of Progres®.

"Our cooperation with Tekes has provided the resources afforded by an interdisciplinary research network and the necessary level of risk taking to come up with our newest export product – Progres®" states Juhani Vuorenmaa.

New products designed to tackle the challenges of the future

R&D at Suomen Rehu is continuing with a long-term vision. The development work is intended to tackle the challenges of the future; the greatest of which is population growth.

"Population growth means that the problems animals and humans experience as result of harmful bacteria will only increase. Bacteria weaken animals defences against illness and infection, which, in turn, leads to production losses. The use of antibiotics is not a durable, long-term solution, and the effectiveness of the currently available natural additives is not adequate enough", Juhani Vuorenmaa explains.

The patented Progres® product has significant global sales potential for use in poultry feed, other animal feeds, and even in other applications. Suomen Rehu continues to seek ways of improving animal health and wellbeing in its R&D activities.

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