Nextbase Offshore: Floating structures rapidly and cost-efficiently

With the concept created by Nextbase Offshore Oy, it is possible to build large floating structures all around the world, rapidly and cost-efficiently. The Nextbase concept is built around the ISO standard size container. This Mega Float concept is still under development in the Nextbase project.

As the result of the project, Nextbase Offshore Oy will have the technological and commercial capability to manufacture and deliver large floating platforms throughout the world. According to the concept, a container is transformed into a pontoon with constant buoyancy. When containers are joined together and combined, fairly large floating platforms can be formed.

Floating structures have real international business potential. From the viewpoint of Finnish shipbuilding, which is in transition, this is really important. In the best scenario, it could be that Nextbase Offshore Oy is creating an international expertise cluster around floating platforms.

"There have been fairly high estimates about the total future markets for floating structures, some estimates reaching up to 5 billion euros for 2035", Pasi Peho, Nextbase Offshore Oy's Operations Manager, explains.

These great growth expectations are based on global megatrends, according to which the water level will arise and global population will move towards coasts. This will force us to find global, cost-efficient and scalable solutions for building on the surface of water.

Nextbase Offshore Oy concentrates on solving logistical problems and gain market share especially on the markets for temporary floating structures. Because the main markets of this segment are in areas where the conditions are challenging – for example they may be in arctic regions or developing markets like those in India – the value and the size of these markets is thought to be significant.

The first project funded by Tekes was a type of survey. The company carried out a market survey and various technical surveys. Based on the results, a more accurate idea about the possibilities of the Nextbase concept and its technical requirements and about the commercial and technical path to be taken for the next few years, were born. The project was launched in December 2013 and ended in August 2014.

Now the company is participating the Tekes Arctic Seas programme to improve its technological and commercial skills to manufacture and deliver large floating platforms throughout the world.

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