Destamatic: Re-using construction waste

Destamatic Oy has developed a completely new product innovation in the field of construction waste. This innovation is based on a re-composite material generated from recycled products. The innovation represents Finnish bio-expertise at its best. Funding for the development work came from Tekes' Green Growth programme.

Destamatic Oy focuses on the collection and recycling of construction and packaging materials and takes an innovative approach to cooperation with leading experts in the field. Its re-composite product constitutes a truly unique innovation, both in Finland and globally. The company's aim is to achieve a 100% effective recycling process.

"The DestaClean concept allows us to create refined reconstituted raw materials from construction waste. We then use these in the development of the kinds of environmentally-friendly, recycled products needed in the construction sector", says Destamatic's Chief Technology Officer, Kimmo Rinne.

The DestaClean product innovation is the company's strategic solution to the need for an environmentally-friendly approach to the recycling of construction waste. It is directly in line with the EU targets set for this sector. The EU waste directive requires member states to recycle 70% of construction and demolition waste materials by the year 2020. Incineration is not accepted as a form of recycling in this context. Destamatic currently has a EU-wide patent pending for the processing of construction waste materials into re-composite raw materials.

Tekes funding

The DestaClean re-composite project is part of the Tekes' five-year "Green Growth – Towards a Sustainable Future" programme. To-date, Tekes as awarded EUR 100,000 in funding to Destamatic.

"Green growth stems from the need to meet environmental challenges in an economically sustainable way. The bottom line here is making changes in order to generate commercial opportunities. For example, many companies have noticed that the waste sent to the tip could in fact be recycled into raw materials for use in added value products. It's fantastic to see that Destamatic is leading the way in the green revolution, heading towards a sustainable economy", remarks Head of the Green Growth programme, Kari Herlevi, from Tekes.

The Green Growth programme funds companies and value networks which have growth potential in the area of a resource-efficient and sustainable economy. The programme focuses on energy- and materials-efficiency, bioeconomy and biomaterials, recycling, materials storage, and waste management.

Truly recycled construction waste

"In compliance with the Waste Act, the next important step has been taken in the recycling of construction waste. With our DestaClean concept, we are the first in Finland to develop a truly hierarchical approach to waste management, which leads to genuine recycling", says Reino Partanen, CEO of Destamatic Oy.

The ingredients mix used to make the DestaClean recycled wood fibre material, used in garden and paving stones, contains cement, wood fibres, natural stone, and water. We call this kind of product a cement composite: in other words, it gets its name from the bonding material. If the bonding material would be plastic, then it would be referred to as a plastic composite. In fact, the raw material could come from just about any construction waste material", Partanen explains further.

Destamatic will launch several recycled composite materials onto the market in early summer 2015. These can be used as alternatives to the traditional concrete slab. In the early stages, the production of the new products will be limited by the factory hardware, which is geared towards the manufacturing of concrete slabs. This will restrict the ratio of recycled material used to approximately 30%. However, the re-composite mixture will still contain up to 50-60% of wood fibre.

In comparison to concrete slabs, the DestaClean line of products generate significant savings in terms of transport and installation. The composite garden slabs weigh approximately 30% less than a concrete slab of the same dimensions.

"We are currently looking for partners, both here in Finland and elsewhere in the EU, In order to speed up the process of being able to capitalise on the DestaClean concept. This relates to the production of the raw materials and the end products", Partanen continues.

He is keen to encourage companies to join them in making best use of their new concept.

Further information

Reino Partanen, CEO, Destamatic Oy
tel. +358 45 7750 2600, reino.partanen(at)

Kimmo Rinne, Chief Technology Officer
Destamatic Oy, tel. +358 40 1959 971, kimmo.rinne(at)

Kari Herlevi, Green Growth Programme Manager
Tekes, tel. +358 50 5577 656, kari.herlevi(at)


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