Cassidian – ease for the police mobile office

Cassidian Finland, which is a part of the globally operating EADS (European Aeronautics Defence and Space Company) Group, specialises in developing mobile data applications for security authorities. One of Cassidian Finland's current product development projects is developing solutions for integrating the various devices needed in the vehicles of the police and other authorities.

"Our development is bound to the expertise created by the strong IT cluster in Finland. This cluster of expertise also confirms that there is an existing co-operation between industries, authorities and research facilities in Finland, and all parties find it important", says Jaakko Saijonmaa, CTO at Cassidian Finland.

Cars are often mobile offices for the police – not much space available

"In sparsely populated areas the nearest police station can be very far away. In these cases the police car becomes a mobile office, and thus it should be possible to carry out most work from the vehicle. With all the required technology, there is not much space, especially in smaller cars", Jaakko Saijonmaa says.

The nerve centre of the police car is the TETRA radio system and computer. All kinds of devices are connected to it: alarm light controls, cameras, speed radars, registration number identifiers and so on. All of this requires an array of antennas, cables and control units – which means that the car can become cramped.

Cassidian is developing a solution to these issues by integrating the systems in a cost-efficient and user-friendly manner. Additionally, the company is looking into the possibility of partially integrating the system into the vehicle as a standard factory accessory.

Sales is a form of art in the security business

The Finnish authorities are already world leaders in their solutions and requirements. Cassidian's project is currently in the pre-commercial phase. Next up is the commercialisation of the solutions and beginning sales.

The first customers will probably be in the Nordic countries, but Saijonmaa believes there to be potential for exports to other European countries as well as the Middle East.

However, selling products and solutions aimed at security authorities has its own unique restrictions. For example, many national security authorities tend to favour domestic production. When considering exports, a large background corporation like Cassidian can be beneficial – it will be much easier to get your foot in the door when it is not just the small Finnish company.

It is also beneficial that the solutions have been developed in co-operation with the police.

"The authorities are keen to help in our efforts to export the product. Reference testing is very beneficial to marketing, as our foreign customers can acquaint themselves with the solutions in a genuine operating environment. With the domestic product in place, we are better prepared to offer the solution or parts of it to the authorities of other countries."

Further information

Jaakko Saijonmaa
Cassidian Finland
tel. +358 40 557 4897
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Text: Tommi Niittymies
Photo: Tapio Mäkinen

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