Results and impact

R&D and innovation are important for the national economy and welfare. The impacts of innovation are widely disseminated throughout the national economy and society at large. They increase prosperity and improve employment and the vitality of regions.

Several Finnish and foreign studies show that public R&D funding for companies serves to boost the companies' own R&D investments. The research findings show that R&D investments substantially increase corporate expertise and networking. They generate patents and new products, processes and services. Expertise and new procedures manifest themselves as a growth of turnover, productivity and employment.

The purpose of Tekes funding is to encourage businesses to engage in more R&D. The results of Tekes funding and expert services bear fruit in businesses as new expertise and innovations.

Their impacts are distributed far and wide through networking and through innovative companies, boosting productivity and economic growth. Ultimately, the innovations funded by Tekes contribute to the welfare of citizens and of the environment.


Journey of innovation – How to boost economic growth

Open data storehouse

The open data storehouse is where you can find information on the R&D and innovation funding awarded and paid for by Tekes, funded projects, and the results of these projects.

Information on Tekes R&D and innovation funding can be searched by company or organisation name, by a specific year or years, organisation type, size of organisation, branch, or province.

You can download the data in html, excel or pdf format.

Awarded and paid funding

When making a funding decision, Tekes is committed to paying the sum awarded to a R&D and innovation project. Tekes makes funding payments in accordance with a project's progress.

Project search

Detailed information on public research projects and corporate R&D projects in Tekes programmes can be searched for using the open data storehouse app. The data can be filtered, for example, by programme or organisation type.

There may be discrepancies in the data and older entries may be less populated than the newer ones. For example, older information cannot be searched for using the new research types.

Key figures 2015

Tekes has partly funded


of well-known Finnish innovations

In SMEs funded by Tekes the annual growth of exports was

2 billion

euros  in three years  after the end of the project

SMEs expect projects in 2015 to produce


billion euros in turnover during the target year

Projects that were completed in 2015 generated


products, services or processes 

Over 80 %

of Tekes customers state that the Tekes funding was a significant factor in their success

In SMEs funded by Tekes 10 years ago the increase of jobs was



In growth companies funded by Tekes, the increase of turnover  was


-units faster than in other SMEs in 2011-2014

Projects that were completed in 2015 generated

1,250  patents and

1,320  academic theses