E-invoices in EUR currency

All Tekes purchasing invoices are processed and filed as e-invoices. In the future, we request that you send all invoices as an e-invoice through OpusCapita Group Ltd, the central government's e-invoicing operator.

Invoicing address

Tekes e-invoicing address/EDI code:

OpusCapita Group Ltd operator ID:

Tekes business ID:

VAT code:

If you do not have accounting software with an e-invoice function, you can use the online e-invoicing service currently provided by the government free of charge (Supplier Portal). 

You can log into service via link:

When you add Tekes as a customer in portal you will find us in the following path:

Instructions for portal or technical guidance: Government e-invoicing website

We also accept electronic attachments to e-invoices (pdf format). Invoices sent in by e-mail will not be accepted, as they are not e-invoices. No documents other than purchasing invoices may be sent as e-invoices.

Invoices in other currency

Purchasing invoices in other currencies can be sent to:

Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation
PL 96180
01051  LASKUT

Personal fees or Tekes funding decisions

Paper invoices relating to personal fees or Tekes funding decisions continue to be accepted at the address:

P.O. BOX 69
FI-00101 Helsinki

Additional information

Tiina Seppelin
(tel. +358 295 055 539, e-mail: tiina.seppelin(at)

Nina Värjymaa
(tel. +358 295 055 531, e-mail: nina.varjymaa(at)