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Growth and improved financial performance for cleantech companies through digitalisation and consumer-driven business models.

Cleantech is shifting towards service provision as mobile technology provides opportunities for new business models. The cleantech consumer market is growing and holistic solutions and services are being sought to meet customer needs.


We partner clients up with international networks, accelerators and consumer businesses, as well as offering networking events, coaching, training and funding.

Focus areas of the CleanWeb programme

  • improving the financial performance of companies in the cleantech sector
  • accelerating growth and digitalisation

Natural resources are being brought into sustainable use on the basis of Finnish expertise. Tekes is encouraging the joint, cross-sectoral development of new products.
The CleanWeb programme is acting in close cooperation with actors from Team Finland.


The objective of CleanWeb is to create rapidly scalable cleantech businesses and accelerate access to the markets.

This involves leveraging digitalisation and new innovations and practices to transform the cleantech sector into a reformed, competitive growth industry.


Get in touch and we will look into your chances of participating in one or more events. We will also clarify the costs and funding opportunities.


CleanWeb = digital cleantech (pdf)

Tekes and Finpro are building an acceleration
lane to US market.

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CleanWeb events
in Finland and the world.



Outi Suomi
Programme manager
Tel. +358 50 5577 699

Ilkka Homanen
Head of Industry Cleantech Finpro
Tel. +358 44 577 4430

Sebastian Johansson 
Senior advisor, Tekes, Helsinki 
Tel. +358 50 5577 975

Harri Kivelä 
Advisor, Tekes, Kuopio 
Tel. +358 2950 55235

Marko Kivimäki
Advisor, Tekes, Oulu
Tel. +358 2950 38078

Mauri Marjaniemi
Advisor, Tekes, Turku
Tel. +358 40 513 6495

Kari Rintala
Advisor, Tekes, Seinäjoki
Tel. +358 2950 55267

Anna-Mari Soikkeli
Advisor, Tekes, Helsinki
Tel. +358 2950 55957

Pasi Viitanen 
Senior advisor, Tekes, Tampere
Tel. +358 50 395 2475

CleanWeb services in Finland and the world

The winners of the future will be those who provide customers with digital services as well as products. A leap to the next level, from cleantech to CleanWeb, lies ahead. Book a place at the top of digital development and sign up for the most interesting events in the CleanWeb sector. Choose for yourself below. See the whole CleanWeb event calendar.

Morning Clinics

Come and hear about our services related to growing your business and entering the US market




Morning Clinics

 Come and hear about our services related to growing your business and entering the US market



Global Cleantech Forum 2018

21.-24.1 2018 San Francisco



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