Smart&Green Growth

Fast-growing bioeconomy and cleantech markets are challenging Finnish companies to switch from a raw-material-based to a market-oriented approach. The cleantech market is expected to double in size by 2020.

Smart & Green Growth – clean transition to the bioeconomy

The Goals of the Smart & Green Growth –entity

The aim is to create internationally attractive R&D environments and business ecosystems in the Finnish bioeconomy and clean solution sectors. In this regard, the Team Finland network provides services and support for research and development, piloting, demonstrations, business development and market access.

The bioeconomy and clean solutions number among the key projects – in which Tekes is involved – in the Finnish Government Programme. In its programmes and campaigns, Tekes is carrying these key projects forward in collaboration with actors from Team Finland. Through programme and campaign-based activities, Tekes is supporting the development of networks and ecosystems and the growth and reinvention of companies in the sector.

The entity also includes the Arctic Seas programme which aims at turning Finland into an internationally attractive centre of Arctic know-how in the maritime environment.

Smart & Green Growth progammes and campaigns

The demand for Cleantech and Bioeconomy Solutions is growing

Cleantech and bioeconomy are intertwined. The bioeconomy involves the production of clean technologies through the sustainable use of products and services based on renewable natural resources. There is demand for solutions that reduce energy and material consumption, help to phase out fossil-based raw materials, and promote the circular economy by e.g. finding new uses for waste.

The growth of smart solutions in the bioeconomy and cleantech are presenting Finnish companies with a major opportunity and growing demand for resource-efficient solutions based on renewables. However, customers should be brought into the related R&D at an early stage, in order to provide new solutions with faster market access.

What is the bioeconomy?

Bioeconomy refers to an economy that makes sustainable use of renewable natural resources to produce bio-based products, food, energy and services. Practices based on the circular economy are fundamental to the bioeconomy. The bioecononomy reduces dependence on fossil-based natural resources, prevents the degradation of ecosystems, and creates new economic growth and jobs based on the principles of sustainable development.

What is cleantech?

Cleantech – or clean technology – refers to products, services and processes that promote the sustainable use of natural resources while reducing the harmful effects of industrial processes on the environment. Cleantech is cross-sectoral technology for the promotion of material and energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and material recycling, and environmental management.



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