Liideri – Business, Productivity and Joy at Work Programme 2012–2018


The objective of the Liideri programme is to renew the business operations of companies through developing management and forms of working and actively utilising the skills and competencies of their personnel. This is how companies can create the prerequisites for a sustainable competitive edge, improve productivity and add joy at work. Our vision is that in 2020 Finland will have Europe’s most competitive workplaces.

The Liideri programme has three focus areas:

1) Renewal of management. How should management principles, processes and practices be renewed, with a view to helping your company to promote the initiative, creativity and innovation potential of personnel as productive forces that lead to competitive edge based on them?

2) Employee participation in renewal of products, services and their production. How effectively does your company utilise and further develop the ideas, expertise and innovation potential of personnel?

3) New forms of work organisation and working. How does your company share responsibility and leadership? Does your company use individually tailored solutions? In what ways does your company utilise networks and information technology? Does your company search for models for innovative, new ways of working?

We encourage companies that are looking for growth through the competitive edge provided by innovations to join the programme. We are also looking for public sector organisations that renew their service operations with the help of innovations.

The programme is implemented as part of Prime Minister Katainen’s Government Programme and the National Working Life Development Strategy to 2020 co-ordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. 

The Liideri programme is an associate partner of EUWIN – the European Workplace Innovation Network, a three-year (2013–15) Europe-wide project funded by the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry.

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