Team Finland Industrial Internet Program


What's Industrial Internet?

Status of IoT in China in Brief (pdf)

About Blockchain (and more) @ FIIF Jam Session in Salo, 12th April 2016

Finnish Industrial Internet Forum is a company driven activity that catalyzes starting, testing, planning, breeding or failing fast activities related to the industrial internet. Check out the presentations

Industrial Internet – Advanced Manufacturing – Team Finland at your service at Subcontracting, 16th September 2015

The seminar introduced the latest news on Germany's Industrie 4.0, Finnish-Germany cooperation and how Finnish SMEs can use Team Finland funding and services to grow global. All presentations in pdf format. Check out the presentations.

Manufacturing Performance Day, June 2015

Industrial Internet is at the moment perhaps the most interesting ICT related topic to discuss about also from the manufacturing point of view. To go for it means creating new capabilities both in own company and also creating completely new networks. Check out the presentations.

Team Finland Future Watch reports on IoT manufacturing

Future Watch: Intelligent manufacturing in China – towards customer-centric and user experience-driven manufacturing value-chain
Future Watch report, March 2017