Team Finland Industrial Internet Program

Funding, networks, market intel and internationalization services from the Team Finland Industrial Internet program.

To whom?

Apply if you are an innovative Finnish company that offers industrial internet (IoT) solutions for global markets. These include e.g. utilizing sensor-collected data in business, M2M solutions and solutions for real-time service and production processes.

If you are currently developing  innovative business model, product or service, and seeking new markets for it.

If you need prefabricated digital solutions for business.

Additionally, Team Finland Industrial Internet Program offers application schedules for research institutes. Follow the program website for more information on application schedules.

Funding and internationalization services for companies

Team Finland Industrial Internet Program offers a comprehensive service portfolio for Finnish companies, combining Tekes' innovation funding and Finpro's internationalization services.

Team Finland Industrial Internet Program offers innovation funding for developing and piloting products and services for global markets. In addition the program offers an opportunity to be part of carefully selected company groups, whose products and services will be introduced to the markets e.g. in the US, the UK and Germany.

Program objective

Team Finland Industrial Internet Growth Program aims at supporting Finnish companies in business development and innovation as well as in achieving a global forerunner status in developing and utilizing IoT solutions. This will be accomplished by building up new ecosystems and new ways of cooperation.

Explore market opportunities

Team Finland Market Opportunities service turns international market insight into business, providing verified business opportunities and even sales leads for Finnish companies.

Explore the Market Opportunities here

Grow and go global with the help of Tekes programmes

Digitalisation offers new business opportunities. See what other Tekes programmes with digital focus can offer.

Networking opportunities

What's Industrial Internet?

Industrial Internet or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) means a combining of intelligent and embedded technology, data analytics and labor inputs for increased efficiency in business. It enables completely new business models and competitive services.

Smart IoT from Finland

News and events

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