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Green Mining case examples:

Mustavaaran kaivos, Sandvik Mining, Normet and Outotec

Pyhäsalmi Mine, Keliber, Geosto and Fenno-Aurum

Advacam, Indmeas and Ima Engineering

Research projects in Green Mining Programme

Please find the descriptions and targets of the research projects in Green Mining Programme here (pdf)

List of research projects

Arsenic Control in Mining Processes and Extractive Industry – ARSENAL

Production integrated condition-based maintenance model for mining industry – DEVICO

Different Land-Uses and Local Communities in Mining – DILACOMI

Mining place as a renewable energy source – MINERES

Solutions for Control of Nitrogen Discharges at Mines and Quarries – Miniman

Novel methods for online monitoring environmentally critical substances (primarily nickel) in process and waste water streams – NICK

Novel technologies for greenfield exploration – NovTecEx

Process Scale-up for Sulphide Poor PGE Ores – PROSU

Assessment of Rare Earth Metal Recovery Processes – REPRO

Service oriented automation for efficient rock and ore exploitation – SOREX

Low-cost adsorbents from idustrial wastes - ADSMAT

Developing Deep Mining Camp Exploration

Ultra low-impact exploration methods in the subarctic – UltraLIM

Compact, Combined and Co-working Pretreatments for Mining Industry – CCCP

Bio-oxidation and autoclave pressure oxidation of gold bearing concentrates – PreGOLD

Energy and Chemicals Saving Flotation Concentration – EnSaCo

Purification and monitoring concept for mining water treatment based on new water technologies – PuMi

Preconditions and tools for social license to mine – SOLIMI

Particles and noise in sustainable mining environment – HIME

Mine Closure Technologies Resource – Closedure

Filtration of mining industry and development of filtration process measurement – MineFiltr

Sustainable mineral processing by on-line optical measurements towards better process management – MineSense

Flexible Optimization of Underground Mine Production – FlexiMINE

Smart Mine Water Treatment System – SEEWAY

Sustainable Acceptable Mining  SAM

Treatment and utilization of solid waste from the mining industry – TREWA

Bio-oxidation and autoclave pressure oxidation of gold bearing concentrates – PreGOLD

Investigation and improvement of the life cycle management of steel materials used under the extreme conditions in mining industry – MineSteel

Reconciliation of Mining and Tourism in North-West Finland - KAMYK

Management of the water balance and quality in mining areas - WaterSmart

Geopolymerisation of sulphidic mine tailings - GEOSULF

Intelligent Mine Water Management – iMineWa

Dynamic Control of Underground Mining Operations - DynaMine

SO4 – New sulfate removal process