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Tekes Green Mining Programme presents:
Water and emissions seminar

20.-21.5.2015, Tampere, EuroMining 2015

Sofi Filter - Automatic mine water treatment technology
Ville Hakala, Sofi-Filtration

NOVEL-EM – monitor subsurface and water environment and manage with success
Pauli Saksa, Geosto Oy

Efficient recycling of mine waters and selective recovery of liquid heavy metals
Lasse Moilanen, Chemec

Intelligent Mine Water Management
Evgenia Iakovleva, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Removal of nitrogen compounds from mine water by adsorption and electropervaporation
Ulla-Maija Mroueh, VTT

Solutions for Arsenic Control in Mining Processes and Extractive Industry
Raisa Neitola, GTK

Arsenic removal from mine waters with sorption
Tommi Kaartinen, VTT

Applying water footprint for Finnish mines
Elina Saarivuori, VTT

Tools for water risk management – Areal water balance modeling
Panu Juntunen, SYKE

Groundwater checklist – Interaction tool for companies, government agencies and consultants
Sirkku Tuominen, SYKE

Closedure – Mine Closure Technologies Resource
Päivi Kauppila, GTK

Assessment framework for economic impacts of water efficiency
Ari Jussila and Markku Mikkola, VTT

Purification and re-use of mine waters
Hanna Kyllönen, VTT

Re-usable mesoporous hybrid material for removal of metals from dilute solutions
Vesa-Pekka Lehto, UEF

Limestones and solid wastes as adsorbents for mining waste and process waters treatment
Evgenia Iakovleva, LUT

WaterSmart – the expected results
Kirsti Krogerus, SYKE

WSFS application for mines
Vesa Kolhinen, SYKE

Groundwater monitoring and modelling
Samrit Luoma, GTK

Water balance calculations
Juhani Korkealaakso, VTT

Water Conscious Mining (WASCIOUS)
Margareta Wahlström, VTT

Closing remarks
Kari Keskinen, Tekes


PDAC 2015, Nordic Mining Day, 2.3.2015, Toronto Canada

Welcome to Nordic Mining Day, Mona Elisabeth Brøther, Ambassador of Norway

Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies, Kenneth Green, Director, Fraser Institute

General geology of Fennoscandia, Dr. Pekka Nurmi, Geological Survey of Finland

Iron ore potential, Dr. Anders Hallberg, Geological Survey of Sweden

Nickel-platinoidore potential, Dr. Hannu Makkonen, Geological Survey of Finland

Botnia Exploration Holding AB, How to develop from a sole exploration company into Small scalegold mining company in Sweden, Thomas Ljung, CFO

Dragon Mining Ltd, 10 years of Nordic gold production, Brett Smith, Executive Director

Endomines Oy, Endominesand Karelian gold line, Jyrki Bergkvist, Exploration manager

Keliber Oy, Aiming to be the first lithium producer in Europe, Harry Sandström, senior consultant, Spinverse Oy

REE Minerals, The Fen Rare Earth Deposit, Norway, Rune Vigdal, CEO

Boliden, Ninety years of knowledge, Henrik Grind, Manager International Exploration

Eurasian Minerals AB, Erik Jensen

Nussir AS, Nussir ASA – the next new Mine opening in the North, Øystein Rushfeldt, CEO

Avalon Minerlals Ltd, The Path to Copper Production in the Kiruna Area, Northern Sweden, Malcolm Norris, CEO and Managing Director

Framework conditions for mining in the Nordics -politics, law, education and R&D, Prof. Pär Weihed, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Rock Tech Centre, RTC solve rock technology problems for the mining industry through collaborative projects, Johan Hedlin, CEO

The Powerful Nordic Case,Rick Abrahamsson, VP, Business Development, Strategy Nordic, Vattenfall

Mo Industrial Estate, Green industrial park with world class ambition, Arve Ulriksen, CEO

Devico, Devico-Directional Core Drilling, Rune Lindhjem, Project manager

Cemis Oy, On-line measurements for mining industry and environmental monitoring, Anas Al Natsheh, Technology Senior Business Adviser

Process Genius Oy, Productivity and Safety improvement with Industrial internet, Antti Häkkilä, COO

Gaia Oy, Sustainability and resource efficiency benchmarking in the mining and metallurgical industry, Pekka Pokela, Business director

Mineral Cluster North, How a mineral industry cluster contributes to long-term added value, Susanne Nævermo-Sand, Director of Board

Enovate AS, Flexite! Competence management, Øyvind Meistad, CEO

Wassara AB, Wassara technology as complement in mineral exploration, Peter Johansson, Area Manager


Green Mining  Annual seminar, 24.11.2014, House of Estates, Helsinki

Read more about the event and check out the presentation material here


Green Mining water seminar

The seminar was arranged June 6th at Tekes, Helsinki. Please find the presentations here:

Kustannustehokkaat adsorbenttimateriaalit kaivosteollisuuden jätevesien käsittelyssä

NICK - Novel methods for online monitoring environmentally critical substances (primarily nickel) in process and waste water streams

PuMi – Purification and monitoring concept for mining water treatment based on new water technologies

Intelligent Mine Water Management -iMineWa

HybREC - Nanorakenteiset hybridimateriaalit jätevesienpuhdistamiseen raskasmetalleista

Mine Water Treatment 3.0

Solutions for Control of Nitrogen Discharges at Mines and Quarries, Miniman

SAM –WP3 - Ground Water Check List &Areal Water Balance Modeling

SEEWAY-Smart Mine Water Treatment System

SAM: Research and tools for Sustainable Acceptable miningWater footprint for a mine product

TREWA – Treatment and utilization of solid waste from the mining industry

Management of water balance and quality in mining areas


Green Mining development in Finland 2013

The Mining Industry and Research projects gathered together in Helsinki between the 27th and 28th of November when the entity of four interesting events took place.

You will find the webcasts of all the three seminars via links:

Sustainable Mining – Green Tech & Mining Seminar

Novel methods for online monitoring nickel and other environmentally critical substances - Result seminar

Tekes Green Mining annual seminar

Event material and more info can be found here