Feelings programme services

Through the Feelings programme, Tekes provides funding for research, development and innovation projects focusing on the development of intangible value creation. Finnish companies and public research organisations as well as foreign entities registered in Finland are eligible for Tekes funding.

Feelings programme provides various services to the participants. These include e.g. practical tools and guides to understand what creates value to customers and benchmarking of good business practices. In the first phase programme services focus on creative industries.

Feelings programme encourages practical cooperation and networking between private companies and public research organisations. The goal is to create new knowledge, skills and competences needed in intangible value creation.

How to join Feelings programme

Companies operating in Finland can apply for funding at any time. Academic institutions must abide by the application periods which are told in newsletter and website.

The programme organises opportunities for building partnerships between programme participants and foreign research groups and companies. These opportunities include, for example, study visits and seminars organised together with foreign partners.

Services and service innovation

Tekes coordinated and EU funded EPISIS project focused on European policies and instruments to support service innovation