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BEAM Steering Group

Päivi Leiwo, Oilon Oy (Chairman)
Heli Antila, Fortum Oyj
Sinikka Antila, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
Raine Hermans, Tekes
Jaakko Kangasniemi, Finnfund
Marja-Riitta Ketola, Suomen Unicef ry
Pertti Lounamaa, Pajat Solutions Ltd
Ilkka Saarinen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, External Economic Relations
Minh Lam, Programme Manager, Tekes
Juha  Miettinen (Coordinator), Steering Group Secratery

BEAM Programme Management

Minh Lam
Programme Manager
Tel. +358 2950 55743
minh.lam (at)
(Best reachable by e-mail)

Christopher Palmberg
Development Manager
Tel. +358 2950 55966
christopher.palmberg (at)

Markku Lämsä
Senior Adviser
Tel. +358 2950 55793
markku.lamsa (at)

Kati Lahtinen
Senior Adviser
Tel. +358 2950 55725
kati.lahtinen (at)

Mikko Kiiskinen
Senior Technology Adviser
Tel. +358 2950 55676
mikko.kiiskinen (at)

Kari Kuokkanen
Tel. +358 4059 13070

Coordination team

Juha Miettinen
Spinverse Oy
Tel. +358 400 512 562
juha.miettinen (at)

Vilja Vara
Communications and Events
Spinverse Oy
Tel. +358 40 744 2002


Sanna Nuutila
Communications Manager
Tel. +358 2950 55717
sanna.nuutila (at)