Concepts of Operations 2007–2011

The Concepts of Operations programme enhances and strengthens the knowhow and skills of Finnish business manufacturing / operations. The programme networks parties in different industrial sectors and recognises manufacturing / operations issues as a key part of strategic planning in Finnish companies.

The programme seeks to identify competitive Finnish concepts of operations. In other words, identifying the innovative, business oriented methods of organising the manufacturing /operations of a product or service and auxiliary operations. The concept of operations supports the company's business, it is expedient and consists of own, sub-contracted or partnership based sourcing, manufacture and supply.

The main focus of this programme is to identify and develop those parts of operations which are competitive in Finland. By developing Finnish concepts of operations, the programme also supports R&D operations, seeking to maintain them close by Finnish manufacturing.

The concepts of operations programme focuses in the strategic planning of companies' manufacturing / operations strategies. The programme aims at supporting the competitivity of operations in Finnish companies and business networks, by improving customer orientation, business orientation, flexibility, quality, productivity and good image.

The programme targets

The programme target groups include:

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