Sapuska – Added Value for International Food Markets 2009–2012

The aim of the Sapuska – Added Value for International Food Markets programme (2009-2012) was to improve the business of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Finnish food industry, increase research, development and innovation and promote networking with regard to international markets.

The main parts of the programme were

promotion of international networking of SME's in the food industry and improvement of business based on itpromotion of products, production methods and commercialization of services of SME's expanding to international food marketsutilization of anticipated international trends and changes in the R&D and innovation activities of SME's in the food industry.

Tekes funded 97 enterprise projects and 18 research projects in the Sapuska programme. In addition to the development projects, the Sapuska program funded business mentoring development where 39 companies participated. The project activation service providing help in the internationalisation track was similarly used by 39 companies. During the programme, 40 events targeting companies were arranged. They attracted more than 1 000 participants. In addition, approximately fifty companies took part in six study tours that introduced the tactics of entering the neighbouring markets. The total volume of this programme was € 34.5 million, half of which was funded by Tekes.