Funding for game business development

Funding for game business development from Tekes

Finland is the best place in the world to develop games

Finland has world-class knowhow that has evolved over the decades. Thanks to demo party culture, Assembly events, Nokia's success, excellent free education and stable society.

And then there is Tekes' risk sharing, investor attracting funding. Between 2012 and 2015 Finnish game companies received altogether almost EUR 90 million in private funding. Finland is the place to be when making games.

Great games and tech come from Finland!

Global game and tech giants AMD, Nvidia, EA, Ubisoft and Unity are already present in Finland.

Game industry is also the fastest growing branch of the entertainment industry and financially Finland's most significant field of cultural export.

Interested in starting a game company in Finland?

Companies registered in Finland can apply for Tekes funding at anytime. Tekes can fund game business development with grant or loan; depending on the nature of the project. Tekes can fund part of the project costs. No ownership is claimed.

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Have a chat first with  our game business advisers

Mr. Kari Korhonen
tel. +358 44 246 4673

Ms. Mari Isbom (software and digital media)
tel. +358 29 50 55859

Communications and media

Mr. Kaj Nordgren
tel. +358 29 50 55714

e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname (at)

What's going on Finnish game industry

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Tekes in the game

Tekes has funded the Finnish game industry with EUR 75 million during 1995–2015. During that time turnover of the Finnish game industry has grown to EUR 2.4 billion.

Skene – Games Refueled

Tekes' Skene programme in 2012–2015 was aimed to boost the growth of the Finnish game industry. Skene funded game company development projects with EUR 30 million and companies invested EUR 28 million in their projects. Game research was funded with EUR 2.2 million. 

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