International companies

Tekes provides an easy access to the Finnish innovation ecosystem and helps companies to start research and development activities in Finland.

Develop business in an innovative and supportive R&D environment

Tekes experts have expertise  and contacts to research and development networks in Finland.
Our programmes are a great way to start collaboration with Finnish companies and research groups.

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How to get innovation funding?

Tekes can finance R&D projects undertaken by foreign-owned companies registered in Finland. International companies with R&D activities in Finland do not need to have a Finnish partner to be eligible for innovation funding. The financed project should, however, contribute to the Finnish economy.

Test your idea

The best way to assess your company's possibilities of obtaining Tekes innovation funding is to get in touch with the test service. Once you have registered with this service, Tekes will contact your company either by telephone or e-mail within a week.

Funding commitments to foreign companies

Tekes may give a funding commitment that guides the its decision-making to a foreign company planning to establish a subsidiary in Finland and engaging in significant R&D and business activities in this country.

In order to receive a funding commitment, the company needs to submit to Tekes a written business plan describing its operations in Finland as well as basic information on the planned project.

While not legally binding, the funding commitment will guide Tekes' decision-making when the actual application is processed. However, Tekes intends to make a funding decision in line with the commitment as long as the company meets the requirements specified in it.

In order to receive an actual funding decision, the company must register a subsidiary in Finland and submit to Tekes the usual funding application including a project plan. Tekes funding may be refused if the company does not meet the funding commitment requirements.