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Opportunities for companies in the United States

Global Access Programme GAP

Finnish SMEs have the opportunity to develop their international business expertise together with MBA students from the University of California (LA), Anderson School of Management, which one of the best business schools in the world. Tekes can fund the participation to the GAP program.

What GAP offers?

The objective of the GAP program is to ensure that growth companies in the high-tech industry, which operate or are aiming to operate globally, have the best possible means for developing their international business operations. The aim is to develop a company's strategies, marketing, management and financing.

During the intensive six month work period an international business plan will be drafted for the company. A team of UCLA MBA students with extensive experience in the business world will be tailored individually for each company and will then act as consultants in this process.

During the program (July to December) the company will work together with their team to execute:

  • Feasibility analysis for business operations
  • Market analysis and a marketing strategy
  • Business plan (including focus points, networking)
  • Method for monitoring and follow-up of aforementioned factors

In order for the program to achieve its goal, SME companies must have close-knit and open communication with their student team. The process will be supervised and coordinated by staff from the Anderson School of Management.