Tekes USA

Tekes works in the United States to promote Finnish-American research and development cooperation; be it academic research cooperation, licencing, investment funding or corporate R&D partnerships. In the United States Tekes is part of the Team Finland network.

Many Tekes programmes create cooperation between American and Finnish scientists and businesses.

Global Access Program GAP

Finnish SMEs have the opportunity to get a business plan for the US market from industry professionals doing their MBA degree at the same time. GAP is Tekes' and University of California's (Los Angeles) Anderson School of Management's joint program. Company experiences from GAP have been very positive.

FiDiPro Programme

FiDiPro – Finland Distinguished Professor Programme offers funding to projects recruiting highly merited international researchers in Finnish universities and research institutes to create long-term collaboration in science and technology.

NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Tekes invites NSF Graduate Research Fellows to team up with leading Finnish research groups through the Nordic Research Opportunity in Finland initiative.

News and Events

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