Team Finland Future Watch

Team Finland Future Watch reports by country


  • Thriving Sub-Saharan Africa? (slideshare)
    Using present facts and information, combined with future insights, signals and scenarios, this report suggests possible futures and the related implications for Finnish SMEs interested to doing business in Sub-Saharan Africa. This report concentrate on similarities within Sub-Saharan Africa that are critical for Finnish SMEs that are considering venturing into Sub-Saharan Africa. Future Watch Report, April 2015.
  • Kenya – The Promise of a New East? (slideshare)
    Kenya's economy is largest in East Africa region. Kenya has emerged as a technological and financial hub For East and Central Africa. A major techno-city project is underway in Konza, near Nairobi. Future Watch Report, April 2015.
  • Nigeria – Entering the World League (slideshare)
    Nigeria's young population and economic growth make it the largest high-potential consumer market in Africa. Nigeria is among the largest amount of FDI investments destinations in Africa. Nigeria is the largest country in Africa in terms of population and GDP. Nigeria´s film industry has become a global and cultural phenomenon, Nollywood employs more than a million people. Future Watch Report, April 2015.
  • South Africa – Mandela Magic versus Nation Gone Astray? (slideshare)
    Open economy and high growth with business diversification versus closed economy and low growth with low business diversification? Doing business in South Africa is relatively easy, especially in the African context. The disparity between rich and poor is high. Future Watch Report, May 2015.
  • Tanzania. Battling for Attention in East Africa? (slideshare)
    The most significant transformative factor on the economy of Tanzania is the large natural gas reserves that were recently discovered. Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest growing cities on earth yet infrastructure to support this growth is poor. Future Watch Report, May 2015.
  • Summary Report of Future Watch Session (slideshare)
    Achieving Business Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa workshop brought together specialists from business, public, non-governmental and research organizations to discuss about the future business and collaboration opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Discussion was organized around nine themes: urbanization, water management, education, financial services, collaboration in Africa, mobile Africa, energy, health and adding higher local value. September 2014
  • Megatrends driving mega opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa (slideshare)
    Esityksessä Frost & Sullivanin Etelä-Afrikan aluejohtaja Mani James käy läpi Afrikan megatrendejä. Afrikan kasvavien kaupunkien kehittyminen ja uusien palvelujen kysyntä luo yrityksille monipuolisia liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia. September 2014
  • Hello Africa Tell Me How You're Doing (slideshare)
    Team Finland Future Watch Africa Sense Making Workshop, May 2014