Market Access Programs

NUS Management Practicum program offers Finnish companies a market entry plan for the Southeast Asian or other global markets. Companies can obtain practical marketing experience, develop business strategies and solve real-life business challenges in cooperation with the National University of Singapore and the University of California.

NUS Management Practicum

Market entry plan is prepared by seasoned business professionals who simultaneously do their MBA degree at the National University of Singapore Business School.

The National University of Singapore and the University of California (UCLA) run together a Global Executive MBA Program (UCLA-NUS Global EMBA) where Management Practicum studies focus on live company projects. Company projects are carried out also in other NUS Business School MBA and EMBA programs.

Market entry plan for the Southeast Asia from NUS Management Practicum

After the six-month program, companies receive a final project presentation complete with recommendations and reports. It is done by a MBA team with members that have 1015 years of working life experience and knowledge of the local market.

Development targets include company-specific business opportunities, strategies, establishment, competitiveness and managerial and organizational effectiveness.

The company projects take from three to six months depending on the program. In the UCLA-NUS Management Practicum a company project lasts from December to May. The company will work together with their team to execute a business analysis. This generally includes recommendations concerning financing, marketing, operative activities and strategy. The plan may also include an analysis of the company's earnings logic in relation to its competitive environment. In order for the program to achieve its goal, companies must have close-knit and open communication with their student team.

The process is guided by a joint management team from UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS Business School. The Management Practicum combines the competence of two respected universities. In the United States, Anderson School of Management is particularly well-known for its entrepreneurial expertise while NUS Business School is recognized as one of the best in Southeast Asia.

Tekes funding for NUS Management Practicum

  1. Primarily Tempo funding (startup companies) and Kiito funding (SMEs) as de minimis subsidies. Including own salaries, personnel side costs, outsourced services and general expenses
  2. Funding for young innovative companies. This financing option is intended for companies that have been granted Tekes' funding for young innovative companies. Expenses related to participation to Market Access Programs will be incorporated into the projects' costs (Phase I and II funding)

NUS Management Practicum requirements

  • Business operations based on an innovative product concept
  • Independent company or a unit of a larger corporation
  • Sufficient technological expertise
  • Concept that provides a sustainable competitive edge
  • Paying clientele
  • Sufficient funding and/or positive cash flow for the following 1 to 2 years
  • English website

Apply to NUS Management Practicum

October: Application forms submitted to Tekes
November: Projects are selected and the participants informed of them
November: Project kick-off
May: Presentation of project results in Singapore

Other options at National University of Singapore

Further participation options for Finnish company projects are in other MBA and EMBA programs at the National University of Singapore. The largest of them is the NUS MBA Program which also runs Management Practicum company projects.

The programs have different timetables. Therefore applications for the other (than the UCLA-NUS Management Practicum) NUS Business School company projects can be submitted any time of the year.

Final acceptance to the programs depends on how well the needs of the company and the MBA teams correspond to each other, and is thus strongly linked to team selections.

Contact us before applying to the NUS Management Practicum

Ms. Sari Paavilainen
tel. +358 2950 55253

More information on NUS Management Practicum programmes

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