Market Access Programs

Global Access Program, GAP, offers Finnish SMEs a market entry plan for the US or other international markets. GAP is organised in cooperation with the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA.

Global Access Program GAP

Market entry plan is prepared by seasoned business professionals who simultaneously do their MBA degree at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Market entry plan for the US market from Global Access Program

During the intensive six month work period each company gets an individually tailored market entry plan from their MBA team. Team members also act as consultants in this process.

During the program (July to December) the company will work together with their team to execute:

  • Feasibility analysis for business operations
  • Market analysis and a marketing strategy
  • Business plan (including focus points, networking)
  • Method for monitoring and follow-up of aforementioned factors

In order for the program to achieve its goal, SMEs must have close-knit and open communication with their MBA team. The process will be supervised and coordinated by staff from the Anderson School of Management.

Tekes funding for Global Access Program

  1. Kiito funding as de minimis subsidies. Including own salaries, personnel side costs, outsourced services and general expenses.
  2. Funding for young innovative companies. This financing option is intended for companies that have been granted Tekes' funding for young innovative companies. Expenses related to participation to Market Access Programs will be incorporated into the projects' costs.

Global Access Program requirements

  • Business operations based on an innovative product concept
  • Independent company or a unit of a larger corporation
  • Enough technological expertise
  • Concept that provides a sustainable competitive edge
  • Paying clientele
  • Sufficient funding and/or positive cash flow for the following 1 to 2 years
  • English website

GAP starts annually in July and ends early December. Companies can apply for the GAP program in October/November and February/March. During the application process representatives from UCLA and Tekes will interview applicant companies.

Contact us before applying to the Global Access Program

Mr. Teemu Varonen
tel. +358 2950 55778

Learn more and apply to the Global Access Program

Learn more on company GAP-experiences and Tekes' activities in the US

Global Access Program company testimonials – company experiences on GAP (pdf)

Tekes in the USA

AmCham Finland is an international business hub composed of 300 companies united by a will to develop the Finnish business environment. AmCham provides Finnish growth companies with a platform to expand to the US market.

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Finnish SMEs' experiences from GAP 2016

Finnish companies in GAP and their experiences on video (click to open)

Finnish company experiences from GAP and GAP history


Finnish companies in GAP

Over 200 Finnish companies have participated the Global Access Program since 1999. The companies participating GAP in 1999-2015 are marked on the map below.

Tekes networks and encourages participants to cooperate with future participants as well in Tekes UCLA Alumni events.


Cajo Technologies Oy, Leadfeeder Oy, Netmedi Oy, Framery Oy, Aurelia Turbines Oy, Avaintec Oy, Driveco Oy, Jamix Oy, Olini Oy, Futurice Oy, Siili Solutions Oy, Fazer Makeiset Oy, Sartorius Biohit Liquid Handling Oy


Beneq Oy, Fortum Charge and Drive B.V, Innohome Oy, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Oy, Kameleon Document House Oy, Natify Oy, NaturVention Oy, Nocart Oy, Pemamek Oy, Safera Oy, Spatineo Oy, Testlab Finland Oy


Enegia Group, Digital Foodie Oy, Haltian Oy, Temet Oy, Midaxo Oy, Oy Vallila Collection Ab, Yepzon Oy, Icebridge Oy, Vincit Oy, Conmio Oy, OptoFidelity Oy, Rockway Oy


Cesim Oy, Delfoi Oy, Framery Oy, Galvatek Oy, Gemic Oy, Good Sign Oy, Icecool/MUSH Oy, Idean Oy, Magisso Oy, Merus Power Oy, Primoceler Oy, Remote A Oy, Simosol Oy, Surma Oy, Vividworks Oy, Relaxbirth Oy

Analyse2 Oy, Anders Inno Oy, Creanord Oy, Exact Tools Oy, Goodmill Systems Oy, In4Mo Oy, Merivaara Corporation Oy, M-Files Oy, Pancomp Oy, Pocum Oy, Prewise Oy, Teknovisio Oy, H2 Wellbeing Oy, Rocsole Oy, Serres Oy

BioMediTech Oy, Corrosion Control Oy, Frosmo Oy, Mendor Oy, P2S Scoopshot Oy, Powerkiss Oy, Rightware Oy, Specim Oy, Surma Oy, Twid Oy, Vianova Oy, Visual Components Oy

RapidBlue Solutions Oy, Microtask Oy, NEAPO Oy, Idean Enterprises Oy, Numcore Oy, LewelGroup, DealDash Oy, Mitron Group Oy Ltd, Oilon, Pegasor Oy, Mylab Oy, Oy Free Drop Innovations Ltd, Blancco Oy Ltd, HLD Oy, Confidex Oy

Darepro Oy, Footbalance Oy, Greenstream Oy, Sintrol Oy, Viola Systems Oy, Creowave Oy, Vividworks Oy, Powernet Oy, Tramigo Oy, Rannikon Konetekniikka Oy, Formia Emission Oy, Analyse2 Oy, Scan Logistics Oy, First Beat Oy

Beneq Oy, Codenomicon Oy, Confidex Oy, Flexibilis Oy, Miratel Oy, Modulight Oy, Mobidiag Oy, Biocomputing Platform Oy, Ixonos Oyj, Jidea Oy, Regea, Remote Analysis Oy, SR-instrument Oy, Syrinx Bioanalytics Oy, Vilant Systems Oy

Audico Oy, Fastrax Oy, Rapal Oy, Footbalance Oy, Tracker Oy, MyLab Oy, Novamass Analytical Oy, Clothing Plus Oy, Prowellness Oy, Tamware Oy, Blancco Oy

Confidex Oy, Satel Oy, Sofia Digital Oy, Mobisoft Oy, Idesco Oy, Cesim Oy, IT Mill Oy, Cidercone Oy

Fogscreen Inc, Ecolane Oy, Left Foot Oy, Neorem Magnets Oy, Neoxen Systems Oy, Noptel Oy, Openbit Oy, Rapal Ltd, SimTech Systems Oy

Cimcorp Oy, Clothing Plus Oy, Fifth Element Oy, Kalliotekniikka Oy, KTI Property Information Oy, Liekki Oy, Nokian Capacitors Oy, Nordic ID Oy, Process Vision Oy, Sanako Oy, GreenStream Network Oy

Goodmood Oy, Lingsoft Oy, Imagetalk Oy, Genimap Oy, Sulake Labs Oy, Teleste Oy

Engel Oy, Eweline Finland Oy, Ins.tsto Mikko Vahanen Oy, KSV Instruments Ltd, MoBiDiag Inc., Mr. Goodliving Ltd, Process Flow Ltd Oy, Sofor Oy, Tekla Oyj

Cybelius Software Oy, Dekati Oy, Pharmatory Oy, Oy Tanacorp Ltd, Patria Finavicomp Oy, Ins. tsto Olof Granlund Oy, Oy Lifa IAQ Ltd, QPR Software Oyj

Akumiitti Oy, Necsom Oy, Nixu Oy, Novo Astra Oy, Rafsec ja JyKiVä – Exote Oy

Aplac Solutions Oy, CyberCube Oy, Finnish Immunotechnology Ltd, Netmill Oy, Stick Tech Oy, Oy Quattrogene Ltd, Oy Hybrid Holding, Emphi Tech Oy, Arcus Software, Cube Oy, Oy Medix Biochemica Ab, MB Multi Bene Health Oy Ltd, Springtoys Ltd, Foreca Oy (former Weather Service Finland Ltd Oy)