Market Access Programs

Fudan iLab Program offers Finnish companies a market-entry plan for the Chinese market. Companies can obtain practical marketing experience, develop China business strategies and solve real-life business challenges in cooperation with Fudan School of Management.

Fudan iLab Program

Market-entry plan is prepared by business professionals who know the local market and simultaneously do their MBA degree at Fudan School of Management. The 1905 founded Fudan University in Shanghai is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China.

Market-entry plan to China from Fudan iLab Program

During the intensive six month work period (January–June), a Fudan MBA team can work on the following areas:

  • Market analysis and analysis for market entrance
  • Feasibility analysis for business operations
  • Product analysis and a development strategy
  • Business plan (focus points, networking, marketing, distribution and financing plan etc.)

The scope and other details of the project are decided together with the company before starting the project. Fudan iLab Program process will be supervised and coordinated by staff from the Fudan School of Management.

Tekes funding for Fudan iLab Program

  1. Primarily Tempo funding (startup companies) and Kiito funding (SMEs) as de minimis subsidies. Including own salaries, personnel side costs, outsourced services and general expenses
  2. Funding for young innovative companies. This financing option is intended for companies that have been granted Tekes' funding for young innovative companies. Expenses related to participation to Market Access Programs will be incorporated into the projects' costs (Phase I and II funding)

Fudan iLab Program requirements

  • Business operations based on an innovative product concept
  • Independent company or a unit of a larger corporation
  • Sufficient technological expertise
  • Concept that provides a sustainable competitive edge
  • Paying clientele
  • Sufficient funding and/or positive cash flow for the following 1 to 2 years
  • Website in English

Apply to Fudan iLab Program in August–September

  • August–September: Finnish companies submit applications to Tekes
  • November: Company interviews will be organised. Representatives from Fudan University and Tekes will interview applicant companies
  • End of November: Project decided and announced to Fudan
  • December: MBA-student/faculty selection and assignment to teams
  • January: Fudan-Tekes iLab kick-off meetings (by videoconference)
  • February: Preliminary research
  • March–June: Conduct and completion of the Fudan-Tekes iLab projects
  • March: Proposal meeting and submission of the project proposal signed off by companies (by videoconference)
  • May: Mid-term evaluation with companies in Finland (Fudan MBA teams visit Finland)
  • July: Final report submission and presentation to companies in Shanghai (Partner companies come to Shanghai)

Contact us before applying to Fudan iLab program

Ms. Sari Paavilainen
tel. +358 2950 55253

More information of the Fudan University and Tekes' China activities

Fudan School of Management

Fudan MBA iLab presentation (pdf)

Tekes in China

Finnish companies in Fudan iLab Program

Avaintec Oy, Optofidelity Oy, Ekolet Oy, Virranta-yhtiöt

Valio Oy, M-Brain Oy, Premix Oy, Modern Diagnostics Oy

Lumene, Vallilla Interior, BioGTS, Visual Components, Serres

Cesim, Confidex, Sintrol, StereoScape, Planray

IBM Project I – Hardware Maintenance Offerings in Asia Pacific
IBM Project II – Technology Development in the Domain of Mining Safety in China
IBM Project III – Improving On-TARGET Client Prospecting Tool for Growth Markets
IBM Project IV and V – GCG Market around Entry Storage Systems

CTG Project I – Nationwide Consolidate Buying Strategy
CTG Project II – Tenant Grading & Commercial Property Benchmarking
CTG Project III – New Business Model – Vendor's Shop in Shop Differential Strategy
CTG Project IV – Marketing Program Branding Strategy for WOW
CTG Project V – Winning Customers in E-businessEvergreen – How to Build a Consumer Brand on the InternetZhongyou Website Branding & Marketing

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