From inventions to business

Have you come up a new kind of product, service or method you think will benefit many people? Or have you made an invention you think will solve a common problem?

Tekes can help you convert promising ideas and inventions into international business. We help companies trying to make it to international markets.

Our services

Advice and support for developing inventions

Tekes provides advice and assistance to develop inventions into business. Please contact us via the Team Finland online form. We will contact you within a week.

Our assessment focuses on the following, for example:

  • Market potential and added value obtained from the customer's product or service
  • Competitive advantage compared to other similar services or products under development
  • Novelty value
  • Protectability
  • Market situation and market growth rate
  • Resources committed to development and commercialisation
  • Team expertise

Theme clinics offer help for commercialisation

We organise theme clinics for start-ups to give you ideas from different angles to develop your invention. Such clinics are organised all around Finland. In the Uusimaa region (near the capital), it is called Innovation Thursday.

Find the right funding service

Introduce your business plan via a secure online form. We will be in touch in a week.