European cooperation

EUREKA is a pan-European network for market-oriented and industry-related R&D. It promotes the competitiveness of European companies by creating links and networks of innovation. Tekes is the coordinator of EUREKA activities in Finland.

The EUREKA Initiative is a network that brings together the European member states and the European Union with the aim of fostering cooperation in research and innovation.

The EUREKA network operates through national EUREKA offices, which also serve as initial contact points for further information about EUREKA's activities and procedures. Each country controls its own funding.

Tekes is responsible for the coordination of EUREKA activities and as a result, the national EUREKA Office is an integral part of Tekes. Tekes is also the main funding body of Finnish EUREKA participants.

Tekes supports the marketing of EUREKA activities and encourages Finnish companies and research institutes to get involved in EUREKA project cooperation. Proposals for the cooperation are assessed by Tekes advisers and evaluated according to technology, market potential, management and financing.

Through EUREKA cooperation Tekes aims to network national programmes with partners and national programmes in Europe. Finland was one of the member states responsible for establishing the EUREKA Initiative in 1985.


Mr. Tom Warras
National EUREKA Project Coordinator (NPC)
Senior Adviser
Tel. +35829 50 55839

Mr. Matti Evola
Senior Adviser
Tel. +35829 50 55835

E-mail format: firstname.lastname (at)

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