Towards emerging markets

Towards emerging markets

Develop your business in emerging markets!

Via the BEAM programme, you can apply for funding for the development of a new business in growth-phase countries, such as Vietnam, India, Mexico, Morocco and South Africa, in the rapidly growing markets of Asia, Africa or Latin America. The focus of such projects must be the development of new businesses and business and earnings models. Funding will be targeted at the research-oriented activities of enterprises and will take the form of a grant. The project may also include piloting and demo elements in the target markets.

Who is the funding aimed at?

The funding is intended for

  • SMEs aiming to enter emerging markets and to expand their international operations in such markets in Asia, Africa or Latin America, on the basis of new business models.
  • mid-cap and large companies whose challenging and innovative research and development projects improve their own competitive advantage and boost the expertise and exports of SMEs that belong to their network, and
  • SMEs primarily engaged in established business operations, not start-ups
  • the preparation and development of broader, company-driven business ecosystems
  • companies with a turnover of at least EUR 1 million.

BEAM programme funding will account for 50% of funding of the above-mentioned projects.

Where do we go from here?

Contact Tekes experts when you are preparing your application, and reserve time for consultation sessions. Fill in and send your final application to Tekes, via its Online Service.


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