Team Finland Mixed Reality

The Team Finland Mixed Reality campaign offers funding for development and utilisation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions in business.

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What? Funding for the development and utilisation of virtual and augmented reality based solutions in business

The Team Finland Mixed Reality campaign can fund companies that develop solutions and utilise virtual and augmented reality in their business operations, and to build expertise in this area in Finland.

Mixed Reality campaign objectives:

  • Finland will establish the world's leading companies producing VR/AR technology and content.
  • Finnish companies will become global forerunners in developing and utilising AR/VR technology. Health care, for example, and all key industrial sectors will come on board in addition to games and entertainment.
  • The Finnish VR/AR ecosystem will be closely connected to other, major, corresponding ecosystems around the world.

A total of EUR 30 million funding has been allocated to the Team Finland Mixed Reality campaign.

For whom? A growing market for companies in all sectors

Mixed Reality technology, in other words a combination of VR and AR, can be applied in all sectors; the campaign is intended for companies in any sector, regardless of their size. During the first year, the focus of the Mixed Reality campaign will be early-stage company projects, and the networking of small and large companies.

The fast-growing VR/AR markets are worth around 5.5 billion dollars. These technologies will already form a market worth an estimated 150 billion dollars by 2020. Although media attention has focused more on virtual reality for gaming and entertainment, it is thought that the business sector will be the first to benefit from augmented reality.

Close cooperation for Finland – Team Finland Mixed Reality

The Mixed Reality campaign is being planned and implemented in cooperation with key actors in the sector, FIVR (Finnish Virtual Reality), VR Finland and various companies.

Are you interested in developing and utilising virtual or augmented reality in business operations?

Do you run a company that develops or uses VR/AR? If this is the first time you are in contact with Tekes, please use Team Finland's Test your idea service.

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VR, AR, MR: news, events, application schedules

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Events in support of the campaign

A series of events promoting cooperation between companies of different sizes and from different fields will be arranged as part of the Team Finland Mixed Reality campaign. For example, D.Day events for various industries.

What is Mixed Reality?

'Virtual reality', or VR, is a closed and fully immersive experience, which immerses the user in a separate, virtual world.

'Augmented reality', or AR, is an open and partially immersive experience, which brings virtual features into the real world of the user.

'Mixed reality', MR is a combination of the real and virtual worlds, where physical and digital aspects co-exist and can inter-communicate.