Drones – speed up innovation

Drones – speed up innovation

Drones – speed up innovation campaing aims to give push to a booming drone-ecosystem as well as several new start-ups, and to get traditional companies  to cooperate in novel drone-innovations.

Commercial drones or UAV (unmanned airborne vehicles) business will soar over the next years. That will change the way we to do business. We will see traditional businesses using drones  ivently and witness boom of creative drone startups. Drone companies will be able to provide affordable solutions e.g. in collecting data, on time monitoring, transportation, safety and rescue and precision farming as well as new entertainment. For sure, drones will make a big impact across diverse industries.

There is significant potential to build up booming drone ecosystems in Finland. We have a lot of free airspace, testing possibilities and excess of ICT-experts. All of these may be needed to speed up establishing new drone-applications. In addition to that Finland has recently introduced one of the most liberal aviation regulations in the world regarding the use of unmanned aircraft and flying models.

Digitalization is Finnish government's spearhead project. As drones are one of the most promising digital trends, they will benefit the strong will to boost digital businesses and digitalization in public sector. We can thus offer smooth and immediate co-operation between Finnish UAV-companies, authorities and traditional business.

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