Health India

Health India

Enchancing the diagnostic cooperation between Finland and India

There is significant potential for fruitful R&D cooperation between Finland and India in diagnostics. The Indian diagnostic research and the market for diagnostic products have been growing rapidly in the latest years. Finland in its part has been an international forerunner in many fields of diagnostics.

Diagnostics Finland–India aims to give birth to several new joint R&D projects between the Indian and Finnish players and to get diagnostics companies in both countries to cooperate in novel commercial innovations.

Besides the Diagnostics Finland–India programme, also the FiDiPro programme (The Finland Distinguished Professor programme) provides excellent opportunities for international academic cooperation in Finland. FiDiPro enables distinguished researchers, both international and expatriates to work and team up with the 'best of the best' in Finnish academic research.


The national funding and coordination partners of Health India are Indian Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Tekes and the Academy of Finland.

DBT funds the Indian participants and Tekes and/or Academy of Finland fund the Finnish counterparts.

Services and activities

The services of  Health India are available for all Finnish and Indian companies and research institutes cooperating with their counterparts in the other partner country, provided that the R&D projects meet the evaluation criteria set by each funding organization.

Calls for joint R&D project proposals are published at certain intervals.

Besides project funding, DBT, Tekes and the Academy of Finland offer networking and partner finding possibilities for Indian and Finnish diagnostics players.

Tekes also offers valuable information about the Indian diagnostic market and helps the Finnish companies' entry into India.


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