Audiovisual industry


Finnish funding applicant reports the interim and final report via Tekes' Online Service

  1. A content report on the progress of the production.
  2. A cost statement on the costs allocated to the production, a cost breakdown drawn up in specified form and an auditor's report by an independent Finnish auditor must be attached to the cost statement.

Foreign recipient reports using paper forms

  1. A Finnish production coordinator company maintains the project accounts and cost breakdown.
  2. An auditor inspects the coordinator's accounts.
  3. The coordinator delivers receipts for the reporting period and the cost statement to the foreign recipient, who pays the coordinator's invoice.
  4. The foreign recipient draws up a report and cost statement for Tekes by post or by e-mail. The cost statement includes cost breakdown provided by the coordinator and the auditor's report.
  5. Tekes will pay the incentive to the foreign recipient provided that the report, cost statement, cost breakdown and auditor's report have been submitted to Tekes by the deadline.

To a foreign recipient

Instruction to reporting

Appendices to cost statement