Audiovisual industry

Applying for funding

How do I apply?

You can contact Tekes already when you are preparing plans for a production in Finland. We recommend that you facilitate the discussion by sending us a summary of your project in advance. Applications for funding are submitted via Tekes' Online Service.

The application must be filled in by a company registered in Finland or, in the case of a foreign applicant, a Finnish production coordinator company with a business ID on behalf of the foreign company.

Foreign applicant

Foreign applicants must use a Finnish production coordinator company. The coordinator procures services for the foreign recipieint, pays the invoices, and charges the recipient for their expenses and the coordinator's own fee. The coordinator keeps an itemised record of all expenses. 

The foreign recipient and the coordinator enter into a detailed agreement, which also includes agreeing on the terms of payment and payment schedules. 

Minimum requirements for funding 

The production incentive is granted on the basis of the Government Decree on the payment of compensation for audiovisual productions. The production must meet the criteria for cultural products laid down in the Decree. The production must form an artistic whole that is based on cultural values. The production costs must include salaries and fees of creative and performing artists.  

All applications are required to have:

  • A distribution agreement for at least one platform or one territory
  • The overall production budget and spend created in Finland must meet the minimum amounts shown in the table below:

table of expenditure

  • Participation in the production by a Finnish co-producer who is entitled to intellectual property rights for the completed production, AND/OR, participation of a Finnish production coordinator company in the production.
  • The production involves the use of Finnish artistic or other creative expertise, such as: writing, directing, acting, production design, storyboard design, visual effects, colour grading, animation character and layout design, composing, music, sound design, product design, costume design, AND/OR, the production depicts Finnish locations such as landscapes or architecture, or depicts the Finnish way of life or Finnish competence in a recognisable way.

Funding decision

Applications will be processed within about 40 days. Applications will be evaluated by a Tekes representative and two audiovisual industry experts from an independent expert pool set by Tekes. A conditional funding decision may be given when 50% of the total funding of the production has been raised.

The conditional funding decision is valid for 6 months, during which time the production is monitored for progress in line with the schedule outlined in the funding decision. The funding decision will come into effect once all of the conditions laid down in Tekes' conditional funding decision have been fulfilled. As a rule, this requires that 80% of the production's funding has been secured.

The name of the funding applicant, the amount of funding applied for and granted, and the application number become public information once the application has been sent.