Audiovisual industry

Tekes funding service administrates the cash rebate incentive for the audiovisual industry. The objective of this incentive is to boost audiovisual culture and related competencies, to drive business growth and to foster international co-operation.


The cash rebate covers a maximum of 25% of the eligible costs of a production completed entirely or partly in Finland. Eligible costs include costs incurred from the production of an audiovisual work, including pre- and post-production, in Finland. Eligible costs occurred in Finland can be maximum 80 % of the total production budget. Tekes will approve costs from 2017 from the date when the application was registered at Tekes. Tekes will pay the disbursement against actual costs.

For whom?

Disbursement is available for Finnish and foreign production companies, production service companies or other audiovisual companies selected to produce part of the production and are entitled to immaterial property rights. The disbursement is not available for government, municipal or parochial authorities or institutions; companies in which the State is a majority holder, or other, similar organisations or institutions. You can apply when 50 % of financing is ensured and you can deliver most of the compulsory documents that are requested in “Applicaton Documents” xlsx.

NOTE!                                                                                                      The financial situation of the Audio-visual production incentive 18.8.2017:

The budget for 2017 has been fully exhausted. Some of the funding decisions are conditional. If the terms of the funding decision are not met by the deadline, the funding is released for application. Applications cannot be submitted at this time. We will report the situation on these pages at the beginning of October.


A production incentive offering a 25 % cash rebate of the spend in Finland is available at Tekes  for feature films, documentary films and serial fiction and animation productions.

Production incentive for the audiovisual industry


  • Feature films
  • Documentary films
  • Serial fiction
  • Animation productions.

Applications may be submitted at any time. Applications will be handled in the order they arrive. Productions must fulfil the requirements set for the production incentives.

Not for

  • Commercials or promotional products
  • Non-scripted series e.g. reality shows or talk shows
  • Music videos or recordings of musical events
  • Entertainment or sports events, and their recordings
  • Training videos

Eligible costs

  • Purchases of goods and services, and the rental of equipment and facilities for production purposes from companies liable to pay tax in Finland.
  • Salaries subject to withholding tax paid to employees who are liable to pay income tax in Finland.
  • Costs incurred in Finland from actions taken to make the work more accessible to disabled persons.
  • Other costs (Flatrate) max. 20% of the total sum of salaries and purchases. Other eligible costs may include travel expenses to, from and in Finland, the producer's fee and overheads. These do not have to be itemised.

Non eligible costs

  • VAT
  • Legal services
  • Financing costs
  • Marketing and distribution expenses