Changing campaigns are directed especially to small and medium-sized enterprises. They can be targeted to certain sectors or themes that are important and topical from the standpoint of companies. The campaigns differ in their contents. They can offer, for example, calls and events.

Bio, cleantech and digital sector pilots and demos
This funding opportunity is aimed at SMEs, mid caps and large companies.

Drones – speed up innovation
Drones – speed up innovation campaing aims to give push to a booming drone-ecosystem as well as several new start-ups, and to get traditional companies to cooperate in novel drone-innovations.

The Dudesons – Meanwhile in Finland
The Dudesons and Tekes have joined forces to bring Finnish innovations to the world’s attention.

Game business development funding
Finland is the best place in the world to develop games and Tekes' funding can share R&D risks and attract private investors. Interested in starting a game company in Finland?

Health India
Tekes promotes diagnostics companies in their efforts to get to the markets in India and network with Indian operators in the field.

Innovation funding for media developments
This innovation support is aimed at projects seeking to radically and courageously renew the whole media sector.

Team Finland Augmented Intelligence – Artificial intelligence
This campaign offers funding, market information and network for utilising artificial intelligence in business.

Team Finland Mixed Reality
This campaign offers funding, market intelligence and networks for the development and utilisation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions in business operations.

Towards emerging markets
Is your company interested in emerging markets? BEAM programme can help you! Take a contact, please.


SOLAR-ERA.NET is a network bringing together more than 20 RTD and innovation programmes in the field of solar electricity technologies in the European Research Area.