Programmes and services

Our aim is to help our customers to succeed. In addition to funding, we offer services with the help of which your organisation can renew itself and grow. The services offered by Tekes help in furthering your networking and development potential even if you didn't happen to be our financial customer right now.

Tekes programmes

Tekes programmes offer you finance and expert services. Find out about the programmes currently under way.


Changing campaigns are directed especially to small and medium-sized enterprises. They can offer, for example, calls and events.

Go global

Are you aiming at global markets? Find out about the services provided by Tekes.

See also

  • To become a customer of Tekes?
    If you are dealing with Tekes for the first time, go through the step marks for a new customer.

  • Innovation research gives input to programmes and strategic planning.

  • Project Gallery
    Add your project details among the top R&D crowd in the Project Gallery (Hankegalleria) and see what the others are up to.

  • Make use of our online services
    You can take care of applications as well as look after project reports and monitoring through online transactions.