Tempo – accelerating the early-stage growth of startups

Who can apply?

The Tempo funding service is intended for startups that have been operating for under 5 years and are registered in Finland. Tekes can offer funding for promising startup companies, which aim to enter the export markets and whose product or service idea has a competitive edge in the chosen market area.

What do we fund?

With this funding, the company can test the functionality of the business concept, obtain feedback from potential customers, explore demand in a new international market and rapidly implement the first demos or prototypes.


  • The company understands what need the product or service idea meets.
  • The company has identified a potential customer base and earnings model and intends to grow its business internationally.
  • The company has estimated the size and business potential of the target market.
  • The company has sufficient resources and funding for its early stage development.
  • Key employees are committed to the company.
  • The team has versitile expertise and at least one full-time employee, who is responsible for the business development of the company.

How to apply?

The application for funding is made by using the  Tekes online services. Before submitting your application, please contact us by presenting your idea via the Team Finland service form. This will help you find a suitable funding service for your situation and speed up the application process.

What can the funding be used for?

With Tempo funding, a startup can rapidly begin testing demand for a new product or service concept before entering the export markets. For example, the company can develop the first prototype or demo of a product and test it alongside potential clients, commission market research, explore customer needs and perform test marketing in a new market.


During the application stage, the company and Tekes will agree on 2-5 clear and measurable goals which the company will aim to meet using the Tempo funding. The selected goals will be based on the company's potential, in such a manner that they promote its growth and internationalisation. The goals may be as follows:

  • Realisation of customer pilots
  • Growing the company's turnover
  • Increasing the number of customers
  • Development of internationalisation processes
  • Strengthening the partner network
  • Creating product features
  • Making progress with funding arrangements
  • Strengthening the team, advisers and/or Board of Directors

Goal achievement will be an important factor when considering funding for the possible next stage of the project.

Funding levels

Amount of Tempo funding

The maximum amount of Tekes Tempo funding is €50 000. The funding covers 75% of the overall budget for the project. 

After the funding decision, Tekes will pay 70% of the grant (max €35 000).  The remainder of the grant will be paid on the basis of the costs reported by the company following the completion of the project.

Company's own funding share

The company must have sufficient assets of its own for the project's completion. Generally Tekes requires the company to have €30 000 own funds (equity and subordinated debt/capital loan).

De minimis grant

Tempo funding constitutes a de minimis grant, which the company does not need to repay.

De minimis aid is state aid for small development projects defined by the European Commission. A company can receive a maximum of  €200,000 in de minimis aid over three fiscal years. Tekes may award companies up to €150 000 in de minimis grants during the same time.

At the application stage, the company must assess how much de minimis aid it has received in previous years. Such aid is granted by a range of public organisations in addition to Tekes, such as Finnvera and the ELY Centres

Project plan

A separate project plan is usually appended to the application. The plan is free-form. If the application is for a small-scale project (e.g. Tempo), the project plan may be included directly in the fields of the application.

Application for funding

Funding applications are submitted through the Tekes online service. Read the sample application below to familiarise yourself with the questions on the application.

Please contact us before submitting an application.

Eligible costs

Tekes will approve costs starting from the date when the application was sent to Tekes at the earliest. Eligible costs include:

1 Salary and purchased professional services in accordance with the project plan

  • A maximum of EUR 19/h (EUR 3,000/month) can be entered in the project accounts for the owners' salaries, if their holding is at least 10%.

2 Indirect personnel costs

  • Indirect personnel costs may not exceed 50% of the salary paid.

3 Purchased services

  • Purchased services must be put out to tender in accordance with the Public Procurement Act, if the sum of a single purchase or series of linked purchases is EUR 60,000 or more.

4 In addition, other costs will be accepted up to 20 percent of the sum of salary paid and purchased services. No other costs need to be itemised.

The project cannot cover

  • expenses incurred during the routine activities of the company
  • costs incurred in supporting exports or from export marketing
  • direct investments in the construction of a distribution channel

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