Research projects create new competence and solutions for identified needs of businesses and industries.

Public research networked with companies

The aim of public research networked with companies is to achieve competence and results that can be used as a springboard for the companies' own research and development projects. Tekes funds typically 60 % of the project costs.

Company participation

Interest expressed by businesses in the project contents is a precondition for being granted Tekes research funding. Ensuring the commitment of companies potentially utilising the results and their active participation in the work of the project's steering group is vital.

For example, a company taking part in a project may show its interest and commitment by

  • taking part in the preparation and application phase
  • project management and work of the steering group
  • project costs, mainly by providing funding.

Public research results serve as a springboard for research and development in individual companies. The research project can not do direct product development for a company. The funders may not receive an immediate return on their money, but they will have the right of first refusal to using the results.

Evaluation criteria

Tekes experts evaluate the project proposals and compare them to other competing funding applications. Important evaluation criteria are

  • the technology or competence developed in the project is mainly new and challenging
  • the impact of the project to future business opportunities and the society
  • companies' role in implementing the project and utilizing the research results
  • project resources, competence, international cooperation

How to apply for funding?

Funding for public research networked with companies projects is applied during application periods. The calls for proposals are linked to Tekes programmes.

Joint projects with companies

Companies and research organisations can create a joint R&D project together. In this case the starting point of the project must be companies' research needs. In joint projects the applications can be submitted to Tekes at any time.