Tekes provides funding for projects by research organisations, the results of which are exploited by companies and create a basis for new business activities and international growth.

Tekes' funding for research organisations


Conduct research on a topic, which companies are prepared to finance and utilise. Apply for this funding in response to a theme-based call for applications.


Engage in research in cooperation with at least three companies, where the results can be utilised by all of them.


Prepare the commercialisation of the research results.

Financing for research organisations

  • cooperation with companies
  • developing solutions for business needs

Two new funding services:

    • Co-Creation: Funding for developing a research idea and for building cooperative networks

    • Co-Innnovation: Funding for R&D projects by companies and research organisations, in which they jointly develop new knowledge and innovations for new business needs.

  • Funding can be applied continuously.
  • Sparring before applying for funding. Contact the research funding team before applying, see contact details below.


Contact us, we will tell you more!

Hanna Rantala
tel. 029 50 55797
Markku Lämsä, bio-economy and cleantech
tel. 029 50 55793
Jukka Leppälahti, bio-economy and cleantech
tel. 029 50 55879
Janne Viemerö, bio-economy and cleantech
puh. 029 50 55848
Elise Ramstad, services and wellbeing
tel. 029 50 55948
Jussi Toivonen, services and wellbeing
tel. 029 50 55826
Kimmo Ahola, digitalisation
tel. 029 50 55756
Markku Heimbürger, digitalisation
tel. 029 50 55977
Kari Koskela, digitalisation
tel. 029 50 55238
Sari Federley, EU funding
tel. 029 50 55211
Kimmo Kanto
tel. 029 50 55852

E-mail addresses: firstname.surname (at)

Open calls for applications from research organisations

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Information and contacts

Application periods for research organisation funding

Apply for Tekes funding.

Contacts for Tekes programmes

Network with businesses.

Research Benefit funding

Together with companies, promote the commercial exploitation of research results that are close to completion. Key project funding.

  • Research Benefit

Horizon 2020 funding

Apply for funding from the EU.

Funding for EU project preparation

Prepare a Horizon project of significance to Finland, or promote the participation of Finnish companies in Horizon 2020.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding

Tekes can allocate ERDF funding to research organisation projects.

Innovation Scout funding

No more new applications. The innovation and commercialisation expertise of research organisations and researchers is funded via key project funding.

Challenge Finland competition

No more new applications. Solutions thought up by researchers, used by companies, and funded with key project funding.

Changes in the guidelines on the funding of research organisations