Kiito – renew leadership and organisation

For whom?

Not only companies but also public service providers such as municipalities, joint municipal authorities and hospital districts can benefit from Kiito funding if their goal is to develop new operational models with wide applicability.


The funding service enables organisations to challenge established operating practices and develop new ones to improve their services and productivity.


  • The organisation wants to be a forerunner in renewing its leadership and practices.
  • The organisation seeks to improve its services by creating new operational models.
  • The organisation is committed to sharing the results of its work with others, to ensure their wide applicability.
  • The organisation makes development efforts in cooperation with an extensive network.
  • Key persons and employees are committed to change.
  • The organisation is able and willing to create new models for shared operations and development.

What is a Young Innovative Company like?

Public organisations can use Kiito funding to gain new expertise when striving to implement substantial changes in their business. Kiito funding can be used to do the following, for example:

  • develop new operational models, leadership and services within its organisation, for example through employee involvement
  • create new work culture and increase readiness for change
  • create and develop new models of work

Development targets can include:

  • tools for fast innovation activities, harnessing of technology
  • supporting strategy, leadership practices
  • reorganisation of work
  • service chains across organisational borders
  • customer-oriented innovation and development
  • new products, services and business concepts.


When the project begins, two to five clear and measurable goals will be agreed with Tekes, to be evaluated at the end of the project. The goals are selected based on the organisation's potential, in such a manner that they promote productivity and the quality of working life, and support the organisation's competencies and renewal.

The funded projects are included in Tekes's Liideri – Business, Productivity and Joy at Work Programme.

Funding levels

The Kiito funding from Tekes covers 50% of total project costs, a maximum of EUR 100,000. The maximum funding limit will therefore be reached if the project has a total budget of EUR 200,000.

Tekes requires that the results of the project can be widely used and that the public organisation spends at least 50% of the project costs on acquiring services from SMEs or research organisations. Purchases must be organized in such a way that small and medium-sized enterprises and other communities have equal opportunities to participate in tenders.

The funding constitutes a de minimis grant and is paid retrospectively based on the costs reported by the organisation.

Tekes does not fund:

  • vocational education
  • system acquisitions and investments
  • measures to maintain physical welfare
  • development that is only targeted at certain occupational groups or individuals (e.g. personal instruction and guidance, management courses)
  • projects that focus on spreading information or training

Funding cannot be granted to ordinary operations or their continuous, small-scale development.

Eligible costs

Tekes will approve costs starting from the date when the application was sent to Tekes, at the earliest.

Eligible costs include:

  • Salary and purchased professional services in accordance with the project plan
  • Indirect personnel costs: Indirect personnel costs may not exceed 50% of the salary paid.
  • Purchased services: Purchased services must be itemised.
  • Costs arising from services purchased from other associated companies are not eligible costs.
  • In addition, other costs will be accepted up to 20 percent of the sum of salary paid and purchased services. Other costs don't need to be itemised.

The project cannot cover:

  • expenses incurred during the routine activities of the company
  • costs incurred in supporting exports or from export marketing
  • direct investments in the construction of a distribution channel
  • staff's professional training

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