Tekes funding - instructions

Project implementation

Funding decision

Your contact person at Tekes will telephone you to notify you of the outcome of the funding decision. The decision, funding terms and conditions and other documents related to the project are available via the Tekes online service.

If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can apply to have it reconsidered. Instructions for claims for rectification are included in the decision.

The decision will come into effect when you return the acceptance form

Approve the funding decision by sending us a signed announcement of acceptance through the online service. Tekes will not pay out any funding before the announcement of acceptance is returned.

The signatory of the announcement must have an official authorisation to sign on behalf of the company or the right to sign according to the rules of procedure of a research organisation, or a right to sign acquired in some other way.

In some cases, the decision may be subject to specific conditions, for example regarding the realisation of the company's self-financing. Tekes funding will not begin until these specific conditions have been met.

If you do not wish to accept Tekes funding, please inform the Tekes record office of this as soon as possible.

The project begins

The initial meeting

Your contact person at Tekes will agree a date for an initial meeting. Familiarise yourself with the funding decision and the terms and conditions for funding before the initial meeting. Should any details remain unclear, a Tekes expert will clarify them at the initial meeting.

Matters discussed in the initial meeting:

  • main points of the funding decision
  • basics of project accounts and working time monitoring
  • eligible costs
  • project reporting and payment of funding
  • potential changes to project

Monitoring of costs and reporting

Reporting schedule

Progress with the project must be reported to Tekes in accordance with the schedule announced in the funding decision. Submit the report and cost statement to Tekes via the online service.

Monitoring of costs and working time

Project costs can be accepted from the day the application has been received by Tekes. A prerequisite for this is that working time monitoring and project accounting are in order for this period.

Project employees must monitor the hours worked for the project. Wages and salaries may be not accepted in part or in full if working time has not been monitored.