Tekes funding - instructions

How to apply funding from Tekes

Before submitting an application for funding, please contact us in order to identify the funding service that is the best match for your goals.

Send the application, with attachments, through Tekes online service

Please note:
The name of the applicant, the amount of funding applied for and granted, and the record number of the application become public information once the application has been sent.

Content of the application

These instructions apply to the Tekes research & development funding, Tempo, Kiito, Into and Young Innovative Company funding services. Detailed instructions about other types of funding can be found from the service's own website.

In the application you are asked to describe:

  • the current status of your company's business
  • staff and resources
  • the vision for growth
  • project objectives, project plan and cost estimate

The project plan

The application has to contain a project plan. The plan is free-form. 

Income statement and balance sheet

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are asked to attach an accounts ledger from the current accounting period. The accounts ledger should include an income statement and a balance sheet no more than 2 months old.

From large companies we ask equivalent information if necessary.

Cash Flow Forecast

For R&D funding applications and Young Innovative Company Funding applications SMEs are asked to attach a monthly cash flow forecast and an annual financial forecast (previous accounting period and the three following periods). You can use the templates below to submit the financial information to Tekes.

Please note that the templates are not mandatory and the information can be communicated to Tekes for example as part of your business plan.  

For Tempo, Kiito and Into funding we ask equivalent information if necessary.


The companies' project names, the grounds for decisions and the contents of the application are business secrets, which are treated confidentially at Tekes. When the processing of your application begins, your contact person will contact you. Your contact person's contact information (project officer) is available via the online service.

A project group comprising Tekes experts will examine your application and conduct an overall assessment of the project.

The following factors influence funding decisions:

  • the applicant's resources and situation
  • competence
  • project content
  • market potential and the competitive advantage that can be achieved
  • the company's willingness and ability to grow internationally.

Tekes can not grant funding if:

  • the applicant is a natural person, including private entrepreneurs (commercial name)
  • the applicant is a 'firm in difficulty' as referred to in EU legislation (insolvent or has lost more than a half of its share capital)
  • the company has tax arrears, is behind in its repayments of earlier Tekes loans, has a poor credit history, delayed payments or other neglected financial obligations
  • the project plan is missing or too vague
  • the company does not have the funding (own or external) required for the project
  • the solution (product, service, etc.) to be developed is not new or does not have a sufficient competitive edge compared to solutions that already exist on the market
  • the project has only a small impact on the company's business
  • Tekes's funding would have no effect on the realisation of the project.

Sample applications

Funding applications are submitted through the Tekes online service. Read the sample applications below to familiarise yourself with the questions on the application.