Into – innovation expertise in support of international growth

Who can apply?

The Into funding service is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises aiming to enter export markets. Startups can also apply for Into funding. Tekes offers funding for companies registered in Finland.

What do we fund?

With this funding, a company can buy in the best possible consultancy services to strengthen its innovation expertise. It can also acquire industrial rights or hire an expert from a research organisation or large company on a temporary basis.


  • The company wants to systematically take advantage of new ideas and market knowledge for the purposes of business development.
  • The company plans to shift from minor improvements to the development of entirely new business models and solutions.
  • The company has a need to develop its staff's innovation competencies and systematise the innovation process.
  • There is a need to review and improve the company's approach to IPR.
  • The company is seeking international growth and its key employees are committed to transforming its operations.
  • The company's finances provide a basis for the development of its operations.
  • The company can be at the early stages of innovation activity, since the funding service is designed to develop its ability to grow its business through innovation.

How to apply?

The application for funding is made by using the  Tekes online services. Before submitting your application, please contact us by presenting your idea via the Team Finland service form. This will help you find a suitable funding service for your situation and speed up the application process.

What can the funding be used for?

Into funding provides SMEs with the opportunity to develop a range of innovation competencies. The company's project can focus on just one of the options below, or cover a range of elements.

1 Development of the company's innovation activities with the help of external expertise

  • systematic development of the innovation strategy and process with the help of an external expert
  • initial development of new business, product and service concepts
  • training promoting innovation expertise among employees
  • market research linked to the development of innovation activities
  • laboratory and office space costs related to innovation know-how
  • use of data banks
  • analyses of standards, quality marking and certification services
  • advisory services on the exploitation of research results
  • preparation of an IPR strategy and analyses of acquisition and licensing of IPR rights

2 Protection and acquisition of intellectual property rights (IPR)

  • Applications for and the implementation and extension of patents, licenses and other intellectual property, when these enhance the company's R&D activities.

3 Expert on loan from a large company or research organisation

  • advisory services on how to obtain completed research results, and how to exploit research results
  • the fixed-term recruitment of an expert from a large company or research organisation
    • a highly qualified person with a minimum of five years of experience
    • the experts will engage in new research and development work within the enterprise
    • the expert has the right to return to his or her former position

Goals of the Into project

During the application stage, the company and Tekes will agree on 2-5 clear and measurable goals which the company will aim to meet using the Into funding. The selected goals will be based on the company's potential, in such a manner that they promote its growth and internationalisation. The goals may be as follows:

  • preparation of an IPR strategy
  • list of measures for exploiting IPR in business operations
  • exploitation of research results and competencies in product development and impacting on business operations, with the help of the expert recruited for the project
  • new practices to make innovation more systematic
  • demonstration of company's new innovation skills in practice

Goal achievement will be an important factor when considering the funding of possible follow-up projects run by the company.

Funding levels

Amount of funding

Tekes funding for an Into project depends on the goals and resources of the company. Tekes funding will cover 50% of the project's overall budget. No upper limit is set for Into projects, but the size of the project depends on the company's own goals and resources.

The smallest possible size of project is €30,000 and the minimum Tekes grant is €15,000. Tekes can provide a maximum of €200,000 for the purchase of expert services.

Payment of funding

Into funding is a Tekes grant paid retrospectively to reimburse companies for actual costs reported by them. At the outset of the project, the company must have sufficient funding of its own for the project's completion.

Eligible costs

  • Purchased services (such as advisory and support services, IPRs, the purchase of special training)
  • travel
  • salary costs (for personnel leasing/patent implementation)
  • indirect personnel costs may not exceed 50% of the salary paid.

The project cannot cover

  • the company's own salary costs arising from the use of advisory and support services (e.g. special training: employee participation)
  • costs associated with quality marking, or testing or certification, when this is done to meet marketing needs or legal requirements
  • costs due to routine activities, costs incurred in support of exports, or direct investments

Tekes will approve costs starting from the date when the application was sent to Tekes at the earliest.

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